Villa C by Studio Guilhem in Cannes, France

Project: Villa C
Architects: Studio Guilhem
Location: Cannes, France
Area: 5,166 sf
Photographs by: Olivier Amsellem

Villa C by Studio Guilhem

Richard Guilhem from Studio Guilhem has completed the Villa C project in Cannes, France. Immediately, you know this private residence is located in a pristine spot. With over 5,000 square feet of minimalist modern interiors, this home also has a wonderful outdoor space to offer.


Richard Guilhem, and his project manager Denis Bodino, conceived and achieved this beautiful private residence located in Cannes-­‐La Californie. The Villa C, as it is named, shows bot hits differences in this residential area and elegantly integrates the green setting. The architects choose extreme simplicity and minimalism. This geometrical shaped building, with its precise lines cleverly harmonizes natural substances, such as concrete, stone, glass, and wood in exact proportions. The interior possesses undeniable qualities of space and movement around the patio, which is the actual spinal column of the building.

The patio, a cubic and transparent structure, brings an unusual and poetic note to each level of the villa. In fact, each architectural detail has been precisely analyzed. The natural light is valorized in each room, by a succession of zenithal, horizontal, and vertical openings. The 480m2 of living space in this set of rooms make it an ideal and modern sweet home.

Studio Guilhem


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