Very Sustainable Islands In Kitchens That Are Worth Seeing

The kitchen has always been the heart of the house. A concept that we had put aside a bit in recent years due to the pace of life and that kitchens increasingly reduced their size. This year’s tour of the kitchens of  2021, – in which at the level of style there is room for everything. confirms this trend. Whether they are classic, modern, or elegant, they all have in common an island that connects them with the rest of the house. The other common denomination of the kitchens in this edition is sustainability, which can be seen in the use of more sustainable materials, but it is also the incorporation of plants into the kitchen. This includes in some cases having a small vertical garden that includes the most used plants in the kitchen. Parsley is no longer bought. It is sown. And the same with basil, thyme…

The most urban kitchen with palilleria and stone

On the second floor to the left is a kitchen designed with a central island around which the rest of the furniture is organized and that ends in a practical dining room.

The island combines a piece of furniture made of palillería wood, and a quartzite countertop, which has been cut and worked in detail for various applications: from the frames and skirting boards of the furniture to the foot of the dining table. or the rotating part as a serving hatch.

The most classic and timeless kitchen

Under a spectacular biophilic installation made with natural, organic and sustainable materials, the interior designers organized the kitchen with wonderful furniture, in two different finishes: in green, the cabinets that are attached to the walls, and in pink, for the central island.

The best-integrated kitchen

The interior designer has designed a space that he has called “Kitchen for Living” -all a declaration of intentions-. In it, he has designed a kitchen open to the living room with a fresh, functional, and very elegant interior design, and an island as a breakfast bar, which defines the living room and kitchen environments.

Although there are not enough square meters, the kitchen is small but functional and the mirror finish of its furniture stands out, a resource with which light and meters are multiplied. The effect is elegant and sophisticated. A style is very suitable for urban flats.

Made of wood and with vertical garden

An impressive kitchen made with toxic-free materials and with water-based varnished finishes.

Space is organized around a large central island, which combines a metallic structure with handcrafted solid oak wood doors finished in smoked ash with a metallic linear handle. Next to the island, the main wall cabinet is made of ash and has two impressive mirrored glass doors that create a series of games of transparency and opacity playing with the LED lighting.

In this space stands out a ceiling decorated with dried plants and a closet that includes a completely digitized vertical hydroponic garden to self-supply plants while cooking.

A sustainable luxury, increasingly integrated into the home.


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