Useful Tips On How To Choose The Convenient Gourmet Area Pendant

A good lighting project enhances any space, especially those made for socializing, such as the gourmet area.

And if you want a simple, practical, and inexpensive way to guarantee that differentiated and cozy lighting, then the tip is to invest in a pendant for the gourmet area. These elements are easy to install, inexpensive, and guarantee that “wow” effect everyone expects. 

Which lamp to use on the gourmet area pendant?

The gourmet area needs to be cozy and welcoming, and for that, there’s nothing better than warm lighting. Therefore, the ideal lamp for gourmet area pendants is yellow ones. The yellow lamps “warm-up” and bring that cozy lighting needed for this environment. 

On the other hand, avoid white and bluish ones. This type of light is only recommended for carrying out tasks, which is not the case in the gourmet area. Nowadays, carbon filament lamps are on the rise but prefer the LED versions that are more economical and offer the same visual comfort.

How to choose the pendant for the gourmet area

Environment style

The first thing you need to look at before choosing the pendant model for your gourmet area is the style that prevails in the room.

A modern gourmet area, for example, better accepts pendants in materials such as glass, stainless steel, and metal. A rustic gourmet area calls for wooden or natural fiber hangings, such as wicker and straw.

Types of dome

The pendant dome makes all the difference in spreading light into the room and you need to know that before choosing yours. Pendants with domes of translucent or transparent material, such as glass, for example, dissipate light more easily and illuminate a larger area. However, they don’t bring that direct, focal lighting to the workbench.

So, if you want direct lighting on the countertop or table, the best thing to do is to choose a pendant with a closed dome and an opaque material, such as wood and metal. In this way, the light is projected completely downwards, providing illumination directed towards the bench.

There is even the option of choosing fabric domed pendants. This type of pendant offers diffused light throughout the room, being highly cozy but not very focused.

Pendant height for gourmet area

The gourmet area pendant must be installed at a minimum height of 70 cm from the countertop. This measure is enough so that the light does not dazzle or interfere with the vision of those who are seated, in addition to offering no risk of someone accidentally hitting their head.

The maximum height for installing the pendant is 90 cm. These height limits must be adhered to avoid inconvenience and provide the best possible lighting experience.

Colors and Materials

The coolest part of using pendants for the gourmet area is that they go far beyond lighting, being an important complement to the decoration. A colored pendant, for example, can be the focal point of a neutral-colored gourmet area. A metallic pendant helps to reinforce an industrial aesthetic.  

But when the intention is to bring elegance and modernity to the space, the glass pendant is the best option.

How about now check out 49 pendant ideas for the gourmet area? Get inspired by the images that we placed below:











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