Unique Wall and Floor Mirror Designs that Double as Art

Are you trying to make your home reflect the best self? These modern mirror designs and decorating tricks will do that for your home and you will be pleasantly surprised how wonderful can it be. Also, you will realize that mirrors are far more than just touching make-up, but that they are a stylish substitute for art! They can bring the needed drama and dimension to the interiors and not to mention the illusion of space. But guess what, just with little imagination and a few decorating tricks you can turn any mirror into an enchanting piece of art, believe us! And here’s how to do that!

Three in a Row

What’s the perfect canvas for hanging multiple mirrors? Simple, a spacious stretch of wall. If the mirror you want is way to small for your wall space, you can hang a few and they will balance out the space. Voila! Not to mention that this display works best if you repeat the same mirror because it creates visual harmony, and when it comes to the number of mirrors to hang here comes the magic number three. That’s just enough yo make a statement without looking excessive so don’t be afraid to use ornate styles, except there is only one thing to ensure, and that’s their size in proportion to the wall, horizontally or vertically.

Leaning vs Hanging Mirrors

The great news here is that the leaning mirror against your wall now is in fashion, huge trend so is great for renters. The whole look is more informal, so large framed mirrors will just feel at ease in the room. Now, if you hang a mirror, make sure to keep a 10 cm gap between it and any furniture beneath it. Just make sure it’s an equal distance from the ceiling and the top of the furniture.

Group Show

You can play with the way how you display the mirrors, since they will make any space feel brighter and bigger no matter the position. You can place one near a window so it can bounce light around the room and hang some small decorative mirrors vertically down a thin wall. The concept of art always complements these kind of scenarios. Apply group mirrors with similar shapes, frames or sizes. Have fun and take this artistic approach into your bedroom. Always keep in mind that a mirror will reflect whatever is on the opposite wall, so make sure the best things show up!


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