Ultimate Comfort with Our Top New Favorite Sofas

New sofas straight from the drawing board, new shapes for your use. We choose our4 future classics!


This is the gorgeous Cocoon sofa. Since then it has been one of Eilersen’s most popular and coveted sofas. Now it’s presented in a gorgeous autumnal palette of greens and blues that interact beautifully with each other.


Teruhiro Yanagihara’s Sou sofa for Offecct is constructed in different layers to allow the free design of different forms and functions for public environments. A so-called mille-feuille served as inspiration, a French pastry that is made in several layers and can be varied in different ways. The name sou comes from the Japanese chisou, meaning layer, with the prefix chi (base) and the suffix sou (layer).


Experimenting with the visual is something the design studio Front brought to the collaboration with EFG and the creation of the Ori sofa. Geometry and origami were the inspiration for the folded structure, the line of the back, and the draping along the sides, which together with the recessed wooden base contribute to the expression.


Layered launches a new sofa as part of the Recycling Collection concept: Rosso Play – a limited edition sofa made from locally produced textile leftovers by Swedish textile producer Ludvig Svensson. Born from the idea of placing small amounts of leftover textiles in a new context where they instead take center stage to create something bold and colorful.


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