Types Of Room Covering And How To Choose The Perfect One

Porcelain, laminate, wood, plaster, and the list doesn’t stop here! After all, flooring options for living rooms are not lacking in the market.

But with so many options, the question is to know which one to choose, isn’t it? Well, don’t be that! This post here is full of tips to help you on this mission. Come check it out.

Tips for choosing to floor for the room

Fast and cheap installation

If you intend to make a quick, cheap, and break-free renovation, then prefer materials that do not require specialized labor and can be easily applied and removed later.

A good example is a wallpaper, fabric, and 3D plaster. These materials, in fact, are great for those who live on rent and want to renovate the decoration without modifying the structural characteristics of the property.

Ease of cleaning

You need to choose the flooring for the room with an eye toward ease of cleaning and maintenance.

This factor can vary depending on your lifestyle and the characteristics of your home. For example, if your room is integrated with the kitchen, it may receive water and grease vapors, making cleaning difficult. But, in general, if the intention is to opt for something easy to clean, then the tip is to bet on smooth coatings, without textures.

Timeless materials

Another important tip, especially if you plan to keep the coating for a long time, is to invest in timeless materials.

In other words, year in, year out and they continue to be on the rise in interior decoration. A good example is a wood, stones, and ceramics. These materials, regardless of color, never lose their time and the chances of you getting seasick are small.

Thermal comfort

The living room is an environment that asks for comfort in every way: visual, sensory, and, of course, thermal. Therefore, prefer materials that bring this warmth. Wood, again, is a great choice. In addition to it, you can still bet on stones, such as the rustic São Tomé type, or more sophisticated ones, such as marble.

Other good options, in this sense, are wallpaper and fabric.

Room size

The size of the room also affects the choice of flooring. This is because smaller rooms tend to harmonize better with more neutral and minimalist coverings with few details and ornaments, as this pattern helps to give a feeling of spaciousness to the environment.

Decorative style

Finally, but still super important, pay attention to the decorative style of the room before opting for the flooring.

The modern rooms are harmonized with coverings in neutral tones and few details, following a more minimalist line. The rustic rooms, on the other hand, accept coatings with greater details very well. But if you intend to create a sophisticated environment, then invest in noble materials such as marble.

Room Cladding: Types 


Ceramics are one of the first flooring options that go through anyone’s mind. It’s cheap, tough, durable, and can be found in a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. Another advantage of ceramic is the ease of cleaning and maintenance, in addition to the fact that it can be applied both on the floor and on the wall.

However, ceramics require a qualified professional for installation, not to mention the breaker, since the dirt is part of this type of coating during the renovation.


Porcelain tiles are a modern and updated version of common ceramics, being much more resistant and durable. One of the biggest advantages of porcelain tiles today is their versatility. That’s because the material perfectly imitates different textures, especially wood and stone. Wood porcelain, for example, in addition to being cheaper than natural wood, still has the advantage of not requiring maintenance.

But you will need specialized labor for the installation, ok?


Wood is the most used flooring of all time. Timeless and full of beauty, the material brings warmth and comfort to any environment, including the living room.

A good idea is to use wood in the form of a panel on one of the walls, like the one where the TV is. You can still bet on wood, for example, to “disappear” with a door, creating a more modern, clean, and elegant environment.


Did you know that it is possible to use laminates on the wall as well as the floor? That’s right! There are laminates suitable for installation on the floor, but there are also specific laminates for application on the wall. They are a great alternative to natural wood, both in terms of price and aesthetics, since the most modern models are very similar to wood.

Marble and granite

For those looking for noble materials for the room’s cladding, you can count on marble and granite. These two natural stones bring elegance and sophistication to the environment, but they can also add modernity, especially in versions in neutral colors, such as white and black.

However, it is worth noting that both marble and granite have a high market value, not to mention the need for specialized labor for installation.

Rustic stones

But if you prefer a rustic flooring for the living room, then you can bet on raw natural stones, such as São Tomé, for example. These stones can be applied to the wall in fillet format, in square or rectangular pieces, and also in mosaics.

Check out the following ideas for flooring for the room below and get inspired when making your decision.











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