Types Of Pebble And Where To Apply For Best Result

From the gardens into the houses. The pebble or river stone, as it is popularly known, has gained prominence in residential projects thanks to its rustic and, at the same time, sophisticated charm. And if you also like this pebble, follow this post with us and find out how it can be part of your decoration too.

Pebble is a type of natural stone found abundantly in nature within rivers, which is why it is also known as a river stone. However, today there are already artificial versions of the stone. Pebble colors range from green, black, brown, beige, and white. The lighter ones have a higher market value. With a naturally smooth and rounded surface, the pebble can be sold in two ways: loose or screened.

Loose pebbles are often used to cover outdoor garden areas and create paths. On the other hand, the screened pebble is a more recent option that arose from the need to apply stone as a coating.

Screened pebble, as the name suggests, is sold in screen plates joined one by one. This type of pebble is suitable for application on walls and floors, as the plates facilitate laying and also help to maintain the level of the surface.

Where to apply pebble

There are a wide variety of places where the pebble can be applied, both indoors and outdoors. But it’s important to pay attention to some details. See below.


River stones have been used for a short time as a flooring option, giving a rustic and elegant look to the environment.

However, the pebble is a smooth and slippery stone, so it should preferably be used in dry places. The pebble stone floor can also be a little uneven and uneven due to the natural shape of the stones. For this reason, it is recommended to use the pebble stones in small areas, just as a differential or highlight on the floor.


The pebble stones won the walls too! The screened pebble facilitated and popularized this type of coverage that can change the face of any room in the house.

The pebble flooring can be used in any space, but the tip is to bet on only one of the walls so as not to visually overload the environment.

Gardens and outdoor areas

The gardens and other areas outside the house, such as gourmet spaces and aedicules, for example, are the natural habitat of pebbles. It was in these environments that the stone became popular and remains firm to this day. The most common is to use pebbles to cover gardens to create paths and rest areas.

In barbecue areas, gourmet spaces, or aedicules, pebbles can be used as an option for covering the walls, including covering countertops, countertops, and islands.


The pools are also highlighted with pebble stones. In this space, the stones can be inserted around the pool or even in walls, making the environment even closer to nature.


Have you ever thought about using pebbles in the kitchen? Stone has proved to be a great differential in these environments and can be used as a wall covering or in-floor details. The kitchen counter is another space that can and deserves to have pebble stones.


Whoever loves a bathroom with a rustic and cozy look, then you can bet without fear on the pebble stone. The inner wall of the box is a good place to apply the pebble. Another highlight is the sink wall. You can still bet on the use of stone in decorative details on the floor and countertop, for example.

Other areas of the house

Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, home offices, entrance halls, among other residential spaces also have much to gain from pebble stones. In these spaces, they look great adding to the walls, such as a headboard wall or a TV wall.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning pebble stones is simple and does not require specific products. In general, all you need is water, mild detergent, and a soft sponge to clean. The use of aggressive chemical products, such as chlorine and soap, for example, can damage the stones and also remove the grout used to fix the plates.











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