Types Of Glass – Models And Characteristics

Decorative, safe, or sustainable: which types of glass are ideal for your project? Knowing each one of them helps you to make the best decision.

And in today’s post we’ll tell you more about each of the types of glass and help you discover which is the most suitable for your project, follow:

Types of glass and their main applications

Ordinary glass or float

Made with silica and other minerals, common glass, also known as float, does not receive any special treatment, either to increase safety or ensure better performance against sunlight.

Because of this simplicity in manufacturing, common glass ends up being the cheapest option on the market.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is considered one of the safest against impacts. This type of glass is formed by two layers of glass interspersed with a resin film. In case of breakage, this film holds the shards and prevents them from shattering, ensuring more safety on site.

The thickness of laminated glass varies from 6mm to 10mm, reaching 12mm in specific cases. Laminated glass is very common in projects for closing facades and balconies, in addition to being used in guardrails, doors, shower stalls and windows.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is another type of glass that is very popular in projects that require safety and high strength.

This type of glass is made from common glass, but with the difference that it is subjected to high temperatures and then cooled abruptly. This makes tempered glass up to five times stronger than ordinary glass, and if it breaks, tempered glass breaks into tiny pieces without generating sharp pieces.

However, once ready it cannot be modified. Therefore, projects involving tempered glass are made to measure. Tempered glass can receive colors and thermal and acoustic treatment. The main applications of tempered glass are in doors, windows, balcony closings, table tops and commercial showcases.

Fireproof glass

Fire-retardant or flame-retardant glass prevents the spread of fire into the rooms, in addition to helping to trap smoke.

Fire-retardant glass is manufactured using the tempering process, that is, it also ends up being a type of tempered glass, but even more resistant to high temperatures.

Mirror glass

One of the most popular types of decorative glass that exists, the mirror needs no further comment.

Its use is wide and brings numerous advantages to the environment, such as the feeling of expanding spaces, better propagation of natural light and a clean and modern aesthetic.

Types of glass for doors and windows

Safety glass is the most suitable for doors, including box doors, and windows. They can be laminated or tempered.

They are more resistant to impacts and can bring sun protection films to increase the thermal comfort of the home.

So which of these types of glass is best for your project?


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