Twix House by Studio RED in San Jose, Costa Rica

Project: Twix House
Architects: Studio RED
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Area: 2,690 sf
Photographs by: Ricardo Chaves

Twix House by Studio RED

Designed by Studio RED, the Twix House represents a stunning contemporary living space in San Jose, Costa Rica. With a bit under 3,000 square feet of living spaces, the shell of this building consists of two L-shaped volumes, each with its own position in relation to the sun: one enjoying the sunrise while the other one feasting on the sunset views.

Located in the outskirts of Alajuela, Coyol is a humid weather area full of lush green landscapes and stunning views. The clients were looking for a house able to integrate public areas, front, and backyard within one single space. Twix House is conceptualized by two main curved dynamic shapes, which create one whole. Two twin L-shaped volumes are looking to opposite sides: sunrise façade and sunset façade, resulting in an S-shaped form of the entire house. Both contain the main and secondary bedrooms of the house, giving them unique views of the Central Valley mountains.

The main access entrance opens onto a double height lobby, crossed by the bridge in the center, and a curved staircase to the left. The main public area has a double height space, which is an open plan, containing the living room, dining room, and a kitchen. These spaces are connected by sliding doors that lead to the terrace, becoming a key element of the house, transforming the social areas and allowing for direct communication between indoor and outdoor spaces. The private areas of the house are located on the second floor: two bedrooms and a second living room. These are connected by a third volume, which is an interior bridge, articulating the house and integrating all the downstairs and upstairs areas together.

Due to the particularities of the climate zone, a special attention had to be paid to ensuring that the house remains fresh. Therefore, as a part of the process, different passive design strategies for tropical climate areas were implemented. For instance, the roof of the bridge overlaps the rest of the roof creating a gap, which acts as a monitor letting the hot air leave. Apart from that, the orientation of the building allows for cross ventilation to take place, resulting in cool and refreshing temperatures indoors, despite the daily tropical heat.

Studio RED


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