Twin Room: How to Assemble, Decorate + Inspiring Photos

Are there twins coming in? Double dose decoration sign too! But calm down, you don’t have to despair thinking that decorating a twin room will cost you a fortune or that it will be too much work, no way! Just have the right tips and information. And where do you find all this? Here, of course!

The twin room, whether female, male or a couple, is still a children’s room. Therefore, many things remain the same, especially with regard to safety and comfort.

The big difference in setting up a twin bedroom is in functionality, especially if the environment is small. In such cases, special care must be taken so that the room offers conditions to be used with comfort and practicality in everyday life, regardless of whether the twins are still babies, older children or if they are already in their teens.

So let’s follow all the tips for setting up the perfect twin room?

Twin Room: How to Assemble and Decorate

Planning the Space

The starting point for decorating the twin room is space planning after all the room will have to accommodate two children.

Sketch the measurements of the room and the layout of the doors, windows, and sockets on paper. With this drawing in hand, it is easier to visualize the future room and it is already possible to think about the functionality of the environment.

Always remember that it is essential to guarantee free circulation space between the cribs (or beds), especially during the night visits (which will be more frequent than you think).

Also, list what the twins’ needs are from their age group, this also facilitates the room planning process. Baby twins have different needs than older twins. So, if the space is small and the twins are still babies, there is no need to do a corner of studies or activities, leave it for later.

Twin Baby Room: The Cribs

The arrangement of the crib in a twin room is another very important thing. They need to be willing so that parents can access them freely, without obstacles. It is also important to ensure that the twins see each other through the bars.

Many parents choose to keep babies in the same cradle, nowadays, even, there are already cribs designed for twins in king size or manufactured together with a separation in the middle.

The most common arrangement is to leave a crib on each side of the room, in order to create a central corridor. Another way to organize the cribs in the twin room is in an L shape, which is also very advantageous for small spaces. You can also choose to keep the cribs centered in the room, one glued to the other, but for this, it is important that the room is a little bigger.

In narrow but long rooms, a good alternative is to position the cribs on the same sidewall, one in sequence from the other.

Twin Room for Juvenile Twins: Bedtime

In the case of older twins, it is possible to have bunk beds that occupy the space of only one bed in the room. Also interesting is the option of keeping the beds in L, especially if one of them is suspended, so the space created under the bed can be used to set up a study or reading corner. 

Pink, blue or multicolored?

After defining the use to be made of the space and how the main furniture will be positioned in the environment, it is time to think about the room’s color palette.

When the twins are of the same sex, a recurring option is to decorate the entire room following the same color scheme, but if the twins are of the opposite sex, that is, a couple, parents usually choose to “delimit” the corner of each one with a specific color.

In practice and in general, it works more or less like this: the female twin room tends to follow delicate tones, like the traditional pink, while the male twin room, in turn, is designed in shades of blue.

But nowadays there is much greater freedom regarding the choice of colors for the bedroom that is not based on genres, it is the so-called unisex twin bedroom decoration. This means that it doesn’t matter if they are boys, girls or a couple that inhabits that space.

In this case, a good option is to keep a neutral base – white, gray, beige – and brush colors in the details of the room. Here, parents can choose a color for each child and mark each child’s space with it, without necessarily falling into the obviousness of blue or pink.

It is possible to opt for a twin room decorated, for example, in shades of orange, green, red or yellow.

But regardless of the color palette you choose, always remember that a child’s room needs to be calm and peaceful, so no visual excesses. Prefer pastel and harmonic tones.

For older children, it is possible to saturate a little more in the use of colors, but always giving preference to insert them in the details.


Lighting is a key feature of the nursery, including twins. The more natural light during the day the better. And, during the night, have a central light available to assist in bathing and changing.

However, at bedtime and during night visits it is important to have a diffused, calm and cozy light. This light can come from lamps, floor or table lamps or spots installed on the ceiling.












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