Trends in Small Living Rooms that are Sweeping in 2023

Banish the idea that your small room cannot be up to date. Because no matter how much in a matter of meters it moves away from those spacious and clean rooms, in style or personality there is no reason to envy them. Below we analyze the decorative trends of 2023 and we explain how to adapt them to your mini apartment. Hello, stylish little living room!


A deco trend that is on the rise is minimalism. We look for a clean and simple decoration, so the house breathes and is more pleasant. And what better than a small room to apply it! Betting on a single piece of furniture as it gathers all the storage in the room, instead of several scattered ones that end up dwarfing it, not only decongests the environment and takes advantage of every centimeter, it transmits quality and style.


And by the same rule of less is more, houses are getting rid of unnecessary furniture. We are heading towards simple and light environments, as diaphanous as possible. So the less furniture, the better. Take a look at this small room, it has joined the trend of minimalism with the basics: a corner sofa, a couple of nest-type coffee tables, and a built-in shelf on the wall of the fireplace. For what else?


Surely you already know that wood is among the decoration trends this 2023 due to its excellence, not only in living rooms but in all rooms of the house. Due to its warmth, its natural beauty … it is used both to make pieces of furniture and decorative accessories, as well as to cover floors and walls. Small rooms will appreciate varieties in light tones, so you’re in luck because oak is among the most popular.


But wood is not the only material to bet on to decorate a small living room according to the 2023 trends. This year, as in past seasons, everything that has to do with the natural, the organic, and the sustainable is taken. Therefore, vegetable fibers continue to be a “must-have” decoration. Bring this trend to your living room with a pair of puffs that close off the seating area, lighter and smaller than traditional armchairs.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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