Trend Scouting: Furnishing With Fluted Glass

The craze around contrasting glass bubbled up a few seasons ago. Classic, straight lines had to give way to bubbling shapes and sharp features. And the playful tendency, characterized by creative statement details, doesn’t seem to be letting up quite yet. One of 2023’s hottest interpretations is spelled fluted glass in all its forms.

Everything about the interior design trend with fluted glass

The structured trend of fluted glass has been on the radar for several years. It started on a small scale, mainly through smaller glasses and decanters. Now the tendency enters a more extensive expansion phase where we begin to notice grooved surfaces to an ever greater extent. Larger furniture and details lead the way, mainly glass cabinets and wall cabinets. Purely in terms of color, toned-down neutrals are the strongest, preferably completely transparent or lighter for a subtle contrast.

How to decorate with fluted glass – five simple and stylish styling tips:

Styling tip 1: In the form of lighting

Our light sources, large and small, are still in focus. A lamp in fluted glass creates the feeling of a statement without compromising on stylish expression. The best part is that the variations are endless, with something for everyone. Let the ceiling lamp add grooves or why not a smaller table lamp that can be easily moved as needed?

Styling tip 2: Green eye-catcher

Spice up the showy bouquet or dried flower arrangement with a tactile vase. If you want to bring out the curves, let the fluted vase go in an uplifting color. For a more muted complement to the greenery itself, invest in a timeless neutral option or a moody muted shade that lasts season after season.

Styling tip 3: Festive glasses

Glass is a small but noticeable focal area where an injection of contrasting color and new shape can really spice up the entire environment in question. Like vases, many creative substitutes for the typical glass have emerged, including fluted options. If the aesthetic feels right to you, invest in a whole series of pitchers for stylish uniformity.

Styling tip 4: Contrasting display cabinets

Of course, fluted glass marries well with larger objects. A personal favorite with a 70s-tinged retro feel is spelled display cabinets with fluted glass doors. The doors are often in an identical, or similar, shade to the rest of the furniture. The result is sharp, bordering on industrial, without being perceived as difficult to design. There is also a sideboard and smaller storage in a similar style.

Styling tip 5: Focus on the bowl

Patterned tablecloths have been in demand for a long time, not least as our vintage gold grains have been picked out. Now we notice a shift, where a tactile surface is happy to steal the limelight. The base is the same, rather we are looking for a bowl or dish where a fluted expression helps to create contrast. Perfect among the table settings or to spice up everyday styling.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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