Travertine coffee tables to adopt the unmissable trend of the year

Beige or grey travertine coffee tablerectangular travertine coffee table, round travertine coffee tablecheap travertine coffee table, travertine displays its unique roughness to give a charismatic dimension to the living room. Sweetness supplement. 

A charming asset in the living room

Gradually falling into disuse, this limestone rock is making a comeback, notably initiated by the seventies influence which continues to dictate our desires of the moment. If it’s small randomly distributed cavities, its veins and its irregular texture appropriately capture the most audacious objects, it is in the coffee table version that travertine reveals all the beauty of its singular grain. Raw but sensual, mineral without being cold, versatile according to its shade and very resistant, noble and easy to maintain, travertine proves to be a perfect alternative to impassive marble. So many assets that allow this natural stone to carve out a place to its measure in any living room.

How to clean and maintain a travertine coffee table?

Aside from vintage models, most contemporary travertine tables are weatherproofed. To clean the travertine, simply use a cloth dampened with water and mild soap. Abrasive sponges and acid household products are to be avoided at the risk of damaging or scratching the stone.

Coffee table in grey or beige travertine, round table or oval table in travertine, here is our selection.








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