Transform Your Terrace and Turn it Into a Magazine One

Whoever has a terrace has a treasure. But it is not enough to have it, you have to take advantage of it and decorate it so that it is one more space in the house, where you want to be and enjoy the outdoors. For this, taking care of the details is essential. Get inspired by the ideas to decorate your terrace and transform it into one from a magazine.


To guarantee a comfortable footstep on your terrace, do not hesitate to install a floor that provides warmth. There are synthetic ones that imitate very successful wood. But if you want your terrace to look like a garden, add artificial grass. This material is comfortable, easy to install, and offers a beautiful result.


It will be the auxiliary furniture that will help you give your terrace more style and make it look like that a magazine. An element that does not fail to raise its level is a hanging chair. There are those that have support to place it and others that can be hung from the ceiling. You won’t get out of it!


If you have a large terrace or it is an attic, generally with many meters, the ideal is to adapt it to be able to enjoy any outdoor activity. Ideally, it should have, at least, a living area and a dining area; but if there is plenty of space, allocate an area as a solarium or even add an outdoor kitchen. You will not leave the terrace all summer!


Textiles are a great ally to fill any space with color, joy, and personality. And the terrace is no exception. Does your terrace look bland? Some cushions or plaid will give it style, as well as comfort. A piece of advice: choose for the base textiles (mats, chair seats…) special fabrics for the outdoors, they will last longer and better. And light colors: they give a more sensation of freshness and do not heat up as much as dark ones. Reserve the color notes for the removable cushions, easy to renew according to fashion, as has been done here.


Also, an urban terrace can have the ability to move you to the countryside. To do this, bet on climbing plants that provide shade and a cooler environment when the heat is on. Place them so that they climb up the pergola and add a reed roof that lets in the light.


Wicker, jute, sisal, or hemp are natural materials that will give your terrace a warm and cozy look, as well as with certain exotic dyes. It is true that you find many garden furniture made of synthetic rattan or other materials, but natural fibers are the best option. Now, keep in mind that if it rains you will have to protect them with a rain-resistant canvas, as well as have a place to store the furniture in the winter season.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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