Beautiful ideas to decorate the wall of your terrace

Are your exterior walls sticking out your eyes? They are totally old-fashioned or you simply want to breathe new life into your terrace. Climbing plants, light garlands, trendy colors, and decorative accessories, here are all our ideas for personalizing the exterior walls of your terrace.

How to make a terrace warm?

Are you tired of the color of your terrace wall and its appearance exasperates you? Just repaint everything. And for good reason, in the house or outside, the colors are fundamental. Whether they adorn a piece of furniture or a wall, they inject a dose of personality into the whole. Bet on a soft and sunny shade like terracotta, THE shade of the season. Do not hesitate to accentuate the trendy aspect of your terrace by adding notes of mint green – another highly trendy shade – but also vegetable notes.

Dress an exterior wall without drilling

Another trick to dressing up a bare exterior wall that is a bit decrepit: climbing plants. The foliage of ivy remains a great classic for a guaranteed green power effect on the terrace as well as to camouflage the unsightly wall. It has the advantage of being very leafy, but its spikes can, however, damage masonry in poor condition. If your heart swings for flowering trees, bet on hydrangea, rosebush, or jasmine. On the other hand, more fragile, these trees must be exposed to the sun, and above all they do not flower all year round. 

How to decorate the wall of a terrace?

In the same spirit as natural fiber mirrors, ladders, and weaves, baskets with an artisanal look adorn the walls of terraces that are as bohemian as they are Mediterranean. For Provençal outdoor wall decoration, in the shape of a ball or rather flat, the basket brings a resolutely original note to the walls that are too white. Most? To decorate an exterior wall, think of strong enough hooks and hang ultra-decorative baskets on them, you can even store your garden accessories there.


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