Top Landscaping Tips for a Large Backyard

Large backyards can often be the cause of many problems when it comes to landscaping and garden design. Although there’s definitely more space to work with and far more options available to you when it comes to what you want in your back garden and yard space, working with large amounts of space can often mean that getting the design that you want for your backyard can be both tricky and expensive. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to downsize, or give up on your plans for your backyard. A good design can work wonders in a large backyard, and can utilize all of the space that you have whilst making the area a little cozier, too. We’ve put together some top landscaping and design tips for large backyards and gardens.

Divide into Sections

One of the best things about a large backyard is that you can divide it off into different sections. Rather than just having one large garden which can often be a nightmare to manage and maintain, dividing your backyard into a garden, patio area, and perhaps even a play area if you have children can really help you to make the most of the space that you have and make your garden easier to manage. Architectural Landscape Design can help you to get the backyard design that you want, no matter how much space you have to work with.

Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms can make a wonderful addition to a large backyard. Whether you build a room from scratch or convert an existing shed, for example, an outdoor room can be a great addition to your home as it creates some extra space for you to work or play in. Outdoor rooms make excellent quiet studies, and can be perfect for students or people who work from home. Or, if you have children, creating an outdoor play room for them can not only encourage them to get outside more, but it also gives them their own space to store their toys and games which can help you to keep your home tidier!

Plant Trees

Last but not least, having a large backyard gives you the perfect opportunity to plant a tree, or even multiple trees! Having trees at your home not only gives you more vegetation to look at and improves the view, it’s also a very environmentally-friendly choice as trees are essential to healthy life. Along with that, trees can also help to keep your energy bills down at home. This is because in the summer, they act as a shade from the hot sun meaning that you won’t need to turn on your air conditioning system as often, or as high. In the winter, evergreen trees protect your home from the cold by acting as a shield from strong, cold winds. This means that your house will be less drafty and you won’t have to turn up your heating system quite as high during the colder months.

Large backyards can seem like a pain to work with at first, but with the right landscape design ideas and a few innovative solutions, you can create your perfect outdoor space.


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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