Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Looking forward to refreshing your kitchen space? You got it right! This is the year that is all about transformation and new looks! The innovative ideas will prevail whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or just get inspired for a simple refresh. There is a lot to consider when it comes to the trending interior designs for 2019. So, forget about everything you saw in 2018 like the banquette-style seating or the two-toned kitchen cabinetry.

Here comes the stunning inspiration of what to expect from kitchen designs 2019!

Clever, Concealed Storage

It seems like everyone is gravitating towards clean and concealed integration in the kitchen designs, by maximizing the clever storage solutions. Interior designers are all on the same page when it comes to this statement about kitchen design this year.

Pewter and Gunmetal Hardware

The combination of these two – pewter and gunmetal are the trends that interior designer love! Absolutely loving! As you can see they are not as harsh as matte black or as specific as gold or brass. The designs give depth and texture, which is very pleasant.

Open Shelving

Ladies and Gentleman this is the trend that is replacing the kitchen upper cabinets! In its replacement comes the wood, metal or the glass shelving! All this has been an inspiration by hotels and retail spaces, so it adds bold statements that many want to make in their homes.

Vintage Vibe

The traditional elements and forms in harmony will be here to stay in 2019. Just think of the natural stone, the organic basalt tiles, vintage-inspired fixtures and lighting, hand wrapped rattan furniture. Just like paradise, right?

Colored Upholstery

If you are expecting to see just a pure white kitchen, we must disappoint you here. Because this year is officially closing the door on wide pure white kitchens. It’s a farewell, folks. Pops of colors will be sneaking instead into the pure white blank slate of kitchen past, like blue counter stools, some patterned roman shade, or maybe powdered coated island pendants. Who knows.

Use of Wood

This is nature increasingly growing on us. Not just lately, but people have started increasingly to seek a connection with nature. The calming and welcoming environment that creates is a timeless and versatile material that we love. The wood is a wonderful material to incorporate so we can achieve airier spaces, that grow a desire for lighter spaces.

Contrasting Textures

In 2019 the most interesting thing will be the combination of contrasting textures and sleek finishes. Imagine it like this – chunky Calacatta Oro marble worktops or mirrored backsplashes with highly-polished. What about cupboards with textured bronze inlays and matte cupboard fronts with sandblasted timber for a layered urban glamour? Yesss, we share the same opinion with you – it’s perfect!

Raw Materials

Integrated Appliances

Pendant Light Fixtures

Digital Technology

Hunter Green

Tall Backsplashes

Classic & Modern

Matte Black

Leather & Wood Drawer Pulls


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