Top 5 Geometric Peel and Stick Wallpaper Designs For 2021

Geometric wallpapers boast modern trends and classical styles in one. They can either sit on the wall subtly complementing the elements in the room or be a focal point. Whether you use them as auxiliary or focal points in the room, there is no denying that these wallpapers can transform a bland space into a Pinterest-worthy home. The deal gets even better with peel and stick wallpaper. Not only is it easy to install, but removing it is also a breeze. So, if you ever want to chase trends and switch your wallpaper, you can do it in a jiffy.

But which trends should you be chasing in 2021?

Geometric Wallpaper Murals

As people try to make small spaces look grander, the murals have once again found a space in our homes. Good news- you can get mural geometric wallpaper! These awesome wallpapers not only create theatrical backdrops but also lend any space a sense of style. First, however, you need to think about where you will use them.

The best way to use these striking wallpapers is as contrasting walls. By sticking a peel & stick removable wallpaper on only one wall, you will create visual interest. It can be the focal point in the room, drawing attention away from the other bare walls. Murals are pretty versatile, and you can find one for just about any room in your house.

So, whether you want to upgrade the children’s play area or want to make your living room stand out more, this wallpaper mural will do. Did we mention that they come in different styles? From art to patterns down to photos, you will find something that matches the overall style in your home. Plus, you can also play around with their orientation- horizontal, vertical, panoramic, etc.

3D Geometric Wallpapers

If you feel that your geometric wallpaper needs an aesthetic boost, how about going 3D? Interior designers are now incorporating 3D designs when decorating homes, and for a good reason. To start with, they are much bolder than classic designs and seem to jump at you. For visual interest, very few designs can come close to 3D, which seems to be alive.

Plus, with the new vibrant colors and textures in these 3D designs, wallpaper is no longer as bland as it once was. Instead, it can look like anything you would like, from suede to even cork. So, should you also jump on the 3D trend?

Why not? This décor complements pretty much any theme and gives your home a wow factor. If you are not looking for an entertaining factor, you can instead go with a luxurious finish. Like with any other peel and stick geometric wallpaper, installing 3D wallpapers is easy. Moreover, these pieces are easy to clean and last long.

Of course, you need to pump the brakes with the 3DC décor. Otherwise, the room can look too busy. Also, have a professional weigh in on the installation to avoid any mistakes that can make the art look odd.

Textured Geometric Wallpapers

What is the first thing you notice when you enter a room? For most people, it is the walls. Before they can even set their eyes on the lighting, ceiling, and floor, they look at what surrounds them. So, if you want to make a positive impact and have people awed, you can always get them by focusing on the walls. Will textured geometric wallpaper help you achieve this?

Sure! Textured wallpaper, including geometric options, comes in a range of styles. From colors to patterns, you can choose what works with your theme. Plus, these wallpapers are so versatile that you can even use them in offices! So, whether you want to be trendy or take on a formal look, the wallpapers will not let you down.

Do you know why geometric patterns work great with texture? They appear like molding! Instantly, they give the room a boost and take away the focus from other aspects of the room without being too overpowering. You can try tile or brick looks or even go with grasscloth options.

Tropical Geometric Wallpapers

Have you ever wanted to have more of the outdoors in your space? You have two ways you can go about this. The first is by having more houseplants in your space. Of course, this comes with the added responsibility of caring for the plants. The other is by bringing in tropical geometric wallpaper!

2021 has experienced a surge in the number of people using tropical wallpapers. If you think about it, the craze makes sense. For a long time, people could barely leave their homes, and they ached for the outdoors. By adorning their spaces with wallpaper that reminded them of the wilderness, they found their peace.

Does it work? Sure! Tropical colors are inviting. While most people choose to use them in the bathroom, you can always incorporate them in other rooms like the dining and living rooms. They breathe life into any space, making it look much bigger by bouncing light rays off the surface. Plus, they make the space look rich even if you only cover part of the room with wallpaper. The patterns and color combo will indeed have your space feeling like a vacation destination.

Abstract Geometric Wallpapers

Do you want to get your guests lost in art when they enter your space? Abstract wallpaper can help with this. Thanks to a combination of patterns, symbolic images, and colors, your wallpaper can be more than just an aesthetic element. Instead, it can evoke emotions and encourage your guests to open up about what they see. If you have trouble starting conversations, the wallpaper can do the ice-breaking on your behalf.

Plus, viewing abstract art stimulates the brain and gets your creativity and imagination going. Your guests will be happy to get some stimulation each time they enter the room. You, too, will get a kick out of it!

Regardless of the geometric wallpaper design you choose, you are sure to add more visual depth to your home’s aesthetics. Sticking geometric wallpaper on the walls creates visual interest that entertains the occupants’ eyes. Moreover, geometric designs work in almost all spaces, thanks to their versatility, and can, therefore, help you balance your space.

Have fun with the selection!


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