Top 21 Of The Most Insanely Clever Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier & Fun

As a parent, you must take care of all the stuff, and in the same way must take care for the kids. This is not an easy task, so you need to find some hacks and tips that will help you in your everyday chores. In the same way they need to make your job easier and fun.

If you know some clever hacks, you surely will love parenting. On the web today, can be found so manu clever hacks that surely will help you. But to make your job easier, we made one collection of the best parenting hacks that will help you in your everyday taks. If you have already seen our part one, here is part two. See this insanely clever parenting hacks, and make your parenting more fun and interesting. Have fun!


Keep all magnetic toys in one place

Get your whole week organized

Instead of using footstools which take up too much room and always get in the way, convert the toe kick under your cabinet into a vanity step drawer

Make an On-The-Go Stroller Toy

Use White Toothpaste to Remove Permanent Marker on Wood

Use food storage containers to separate craft supplies

Have your child sit on a stability ball while doing homework β€” it’ll help with their concentration

Free back massage. Get your kids to give you a back massage with these diy t-shirts

Stop the Unwanted Locking of Doors

Collect all the Spread Around Glitter By Using a Lint Roller

Make a Easy Magnetic Set

Fun with a paper

Keep Bath Time Safe

Make easy ice cream cleanup

Add visual aides to help pre-readers stay organized

Make Shoe Shopping Easier

Use a Shoe Caddy to Hold Snacks and Activities During Long Car Rides

Bringing a baby bath to the beach means a baby doesn’t have to miss out on splashing fun

Place a second spring-loaded shower rod on the back side of your tub to hold kids toys. Use S-shaped shower hooks to hang the baskets.

To stop nighttime coughing, rub vapor rub on their feet and put socks over them

Use tote bags in place of toy bins


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