Top 19 Insanely Genius Parenting Hacks Every Super Parent Should Know About

We all know that the parenting job is one of the most complicated. There are no rules, when it comes for the parenting. You must find a way to make your everyday life fun and in the same time to improve the childhood of your kids. For that reason we made one insanely genius collection, just to help you to make you parenting job more easier and fun.

You can see our previous collection here, and maybe you will find some amazing ideas that will be useful in your everyday life. So, see our collection and find inspiration to make you parenting job easier and fun, and spend your days with joy and happiness. Have fun!

Keep young ones busy by letting them decorate a cardboard box

Put a target in the toilet bowl to improve your kid’s aim

Use pop-up drawer organizers to create little outfit compartments

Put a padlock on your plugs to keep your kids from plugging in electrical appliances

Baby-proof your drawers with the least effort possible

Use bandaids in a pinch to cover dangerous outlets

Let your little ones organize their own accessories using this cool DIY bow holder

Hide the light switch from pesky fingers

Use your old cell phone to make your own baby video monitor

Put a child’s onesie on backwards

DIY Bottle holder lets babies feed themselves

Put a “safety spot” sticker on your car to ensure an older child doesn’t wander off while you load or unload the car

Store those assorted tiny lego pieces in a shoe storage bag

Sanitize those unruly toys by throwing them in the dishwasher

Make a hammock for your kid under a table

Organize bath toys using those handy dollar store bins and some shower hooks

Install a mirror in a strategic place to spy on your kids

If your kids are always using new cups, give them their own designated cups with magnets to stick to the fridge

Use fabric paint to make a race track on the back of your t-shirt and you’ll get massage


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