Top 18 Inexpensive Ideas For Basement Remodeling That Everyone Need To See

The basement, which is many cases hidden underground, with small or without windows, dark and not heated, offers ideal conditions for keeping inventory and storage of wine. If the amount of space allows and the basement can be used to expand the area of ​​housing, and this not only as a sauna, gym or hobby room, but also as a music room, library, quiet study room, cute family room and a spacious guest room. It is particularly attractive space, obtained with adequate illumination, if you have small windows you can create the illusion of a larger window surfaces by placing mirrors, glass and appropriate window frames. The elimination of some elements of external basement walls, allows the installation of large windows and direct access to the outside.

It’s a pity that the basement is used as a landfill for things that are used very rarely, if ever, and this is often the case in many homes. If you plan to redecorate the basement, and you do not have an idea how to take advantage of this space, we suggest you take advantage of arranging private cinema, multimedia rooms and places for entertainment and socializing with friends. Basements usually do not have a lot of light and a they don’t transmit noise in the other rooms, which is great for movie theaters. Find comfortable sofas and some big TV or projector and your friends will soon gather to look some interesting movie or a football game, without bothering other family members. For inspiration we bring you some interesting examples.



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