Top 18 Genius but Cheap Student Hacks That Will Simplify Your Student Life

The following collection is for the students. Namely, it is about hacks that will simplify the life of every student. These hacks and tips are cheap and you can make them from ordinary things. That way you will make your student life easier and fun. As a student you don’t have always time and money for everything you need, and that’s why you should know some helpful hacks that will help you in your life as a student.

See our inspiring collection and you will learn some helpful hacks that no one told you about them till now. Here you will find examples how properly to heat your food, how to iron your clothes without a regular iron, how to open a beer without a bottle opener, etc. We hope that, with this collection we will help you to improve your everyday life as a student. Every student must see this collection and learn some new things. Check out these amazing student hacks and improve your student life. Have fun!

Empty out a lotion bottle and store your important items in it for beach trips

Save your toothpaste by using a bobby pin

Wrap a warm beer in a damp paper towel and place in the fridge for 15 minutes

Glue old wine corks to a picture frame to make your own DIY cork board

Use 3M hooks to mount a tablet wherever you want

Can’t find a corkscrew? No problem

Prevent cake from going stale with bread and toothpicks

If your laptop is overheating on your lap, flip one of these over and set the laptop on top

Make a paper clip stacking

No Roasting Rack? No Problem

You can make grilled cheese in your toaster

Reheat pizza in a microwave with a glass of water

Use your hair straightener to iron hems

Keep your room smelling fresh

Use a stacked plate rack to make extra counter storage space

Break in your flats in under five minutes

If you’re a heavy sleeper, putting your phone into a glass will amplify the sound

Your Mac Plugin can be a Bottle Opener


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