18 Super Smart Life Hacks That Every Super Mom Should Know About

To be a mom is not an easy thing. You must take care of the whole house and all the stuff inside. For that reason they must know some tips and hacks to make the parenting job easier and fun. We are presenting you one delightful collection of various hacks that will make your life easier.Β Try some of these tips and hacks and your everyday cleaning will be fun and interesting.

These hacks will help you in your household. Now you can easily remove chewing gum from the hair, red wine from the fabrics, you can clean oil stains from the clothes and many other creative things. You shouldn’t spend a lot of money to keep your home clean and shiny. You just need some natural materials form your household. Check out this collection of various creative hacks that will help you to be super mom!

Bread clips could salvage broken flip-flops

Put your necklace through a straw to keep the chain from tangling

When you pack a suitcase, wrap your shoes in a shower cap

Avoid runs in tights by spraying hairspray on them

Put the string of your hoodie back into the hood by threading it through a straw

Use a caddy to store your hair appliances

Make pajamas for your kids

If you stain your clothes with red wine, use white wine to remove it

Use ice cubes to remove gum from your child’s hair hair

Tie your scarves and stockings to hangers for easy storage

Stretch out tight shoes by placing a bag of water in each and leaving them in the freezer overnight

Remove deodorant stains with dryer sheets

Use Post-it notes to clean crap out of your keyboard

If you get an oil stain your clothes, leave baby powder on it overnight

Use a pumice stone to defuzz a sweater

To stop angora from shedding, put the item in a ziplock bag and freeze it for at least three hours

Easy cleaning microfiber

How to Clean Bath Toys


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