Top 17 of The Most Clever Cleaning Tips & Hacks That Will Make Your Home Shiny

Nowadays, all we live fast and busy lives. Usually we don’t have a time to do all our tasks, especially when it comes for the cleaning in our homes. For that reason, a lot people hate the cleaning.

If you are from this group, we have some creative and motivational ideas that will help you to do your everyday chores. That way the cleaning of your home will be fun and joyful, and you will not hate it anymore.

We are presenting you Top 17 of The Most Clever Cleaning Tips & Hacks That Will Make Your Home Shiny. These tips and hacks are easy and simple. For doing them, you will need some simple and regular supplies that you have in your home. With these hacks the cleaning of your home will be your favorite daily obligation. It will not take a lot of your free time, and your home will be always clean and shiny. If haven’t seen our previous post for cleaning yet, you can see it here. Have fun!

Clean your curling iron with a piece of plain steel wool

Easily clean all armpit stains

Clean the air vents with a rug, knife and some 409



Clean shower heads overnight without Scrubbing

Bathtub ring removal with grapefruit and salt

How to easily clean your dryer ducts to prevent fires

Clean coffee pots with vinegar

Ditch the acrylic paint stain with some rubbing alcohol

How to clean a microfiber couch with rubbing alcohol

Use club soda, salt, milk, or kitty litter to remove freshly spilled red wine

Drying wet shoes with newspapers

The secret to easily remove labels with no effort

Baby powder works on grease stains

Easily clean your paint brush

Restore your old sneakers so they look like new again



Cleaning the dust with dryer sheets

White bread can blot out a lipstick stain


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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