Tips on How to Choose and Decorate Mirror for the Living Room

It is not new that mirrors are symbols of beauty, refinement and good taste. But if in the past these objects were limited to personal care, nowadays things have changed a lot. Learn how to decorate with mirrors for the living room.

Currently, mirrors have proven to be a very effective resource to visually enlarge spaces, reinforce light and highlight special parts of the decoration project.

But to achieve the desired effects with the use of the mirror, it is not enough to just hang it on the wall. There are some tricks that are important to know. Want to know what they are? Check it out below:

How to Choose the Correct Mirror Frame for the Living Room?

Mirrors can be used in any type of decoration. The difference between them is in the frame. For each decoration, there is a more appropriate frame model.

The elaborate frames with arabesques or carved wood are ideal for classic style decorations. The thinner and straighter frames, on the other hand, should be used in proposals for a modern, clean and minimalist style. For rustic decorations, wooden frames are preferred.

Now that you know how to decorate with mirrors for the living room, it is easier to define which mirror to buy. But before that check out the selection of images below, they will inspire you even more:











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