Tips for Creating The Best Home Theater

Want a movie at home? Then it’s time to plan home theatre decor. Unlike a TV room, the home theatre is a space exclusively intended for films and series designed with a special light, audio and image system.

That is, the intention is really to create a mini cinema indoors.

Home theatre decoration: tips to get the project right

Distribute the sound

What most differentiates a home theatre from a common TV room is the set of speakers used in the environment.

They are responsible for distributing the sound coming from the TV in a very similar way to what happens in the cinema.

Most home theatres have six speakers: two on the edge, two on the sides, a centre and a final box is known as a subwoofer.

Edge boxes should be installed high up, flush with the ceiling and diagonally across from the TV. So they usually stay behind the couch.

The side boxes, as the name suggests, are on the side of the screen, facing the viewer. They can be wall-mounted or just positioned over the rack.

The central box, in turn, must be positioned below the TV, while the subwoofer box must be placed on the floor next to the screen.

Take care of the acoustics of the environment

With all this sound equipment you must take care of acoustic insulation.

For this, prefer materials that insulate sound. One tip is to use wooden panels on the wall, in addition to plasterboard, which can even be used on the ceiling.

Plan the use of colours

Neutral and dark colours are preferred for a home theatre, precisely because they recreate the concept of cinema at home.

In this sense, colours like black, grey, navy blue, brown and dark green are among the favourites.

These colours also help to make the environment darker, like in the movies.

Space layout

It is also very important to plan the layout and arrangement of furniture and equipment within the home theatre.

The sofa should always be facing the screen and, preferably, on the wall opposite the window and the door.

Keep the central area clear to ensure circulation and comfort. Remember that in the dark of the cinema someone can end up tripping and hurting themselves on furniture and objects.

Highlight to screen

In addition to sound, we cannot fail to mention the importance of the screen or TV for the home theatre. You can bet on a regular television or a projector if you want something bigger and more like a cinema. The important thing is to always evaluate the proportion of the screen in the space and the proximity to the sofa.

To find the ideal screen size, multiply the distance between the sofa and the TV by 21.

For example, suppose the sofa is three meters away from the television, then multiply 3 by 21, the result, 63, indicates that the maximum size of the TV should be 60 inches, the closest to the result.

Get rid of the wires

Nothing can compromise home theatre decor more than a bunch of loose wires lying around the room. In addition to being ugly, it is dangerous, as loose wires can end up causing accidents.

So find a way to hide everything. You can do this using panels or even threading channels. Conduit-type metal tubes are also a good option, especially if you want an industrial-style aesthetic.

Beautiful and comfortable sofa

Another indispensable element in decorating a home theatre is the sofa, after all, that’s where you and your family will settle down to marathon a series or a movie.

The retractable and reclining models are great in this type of environment, as they guarantee maximum comfort. Another advantage of these models is that after the session you can collect them and leave the centre of the room free.

Attention to the curtains

Cinema does not combine with clarity. When watching a movie, the darker the better. Therefore, invest in thick fabric curtains, even blackout ones, in dark colours. The same goes for blinds.

Support furniture

Side tables, racks, niches and shelves help make the home theatre more beautiful, organized and functional.

Invest in these pieces to ensure where to place the popcorn bucket and soda cup, for example. The rack helps organize home theatre equipment, such as speakers.

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