Tips for Choosing the Most Suitable Children’s Headboard

Beautiful, decorative and very functional, the children’s headboard brings a touch of comfort and warmth to children’s bedtime. 

The children’s headboard also serves as that comrade backrest that makes the little ones feel free to watch TV, read or play video games. 

Tips for Choosing The Right Headboard


The headboard for children’s beds can be made from different materials. The most common is the wood that usually accompanies the same material used in the manufacture of the bed.

The advantage of wood is that it can be customized in a number of ways, including colour, shape, and whether or not it is upholstered. 

Another very common material for bed headboards is iron. With a more retro look, the iron headboard can also gain numerous colour options, however, the material is cold and can bring a certain discomfort to those who use it as a backrest.

Finally, it is possible to think of an upholstered headboard for children, usually fixed directly to the wall. This headboard model is soft and comfortable, favouring the backrest and making the sleeping place warmer and cosier. 

The upholstered children’s headboard still earns points in terms of versatility. This is because it is possible to use different types of fabric, from leatherette to suede and cotton. You can still choose the shape and size of the headboard.

This immense variety allows the children’s headboard to be even more personalized and with the face of the decoration of the child’s room.


When choosing a children’s headboard, take into account the colour palette that predominates in the environment. The headboard is one of the most prominent elements in the bedroom, so it will inevitably draw attention to itself. 

That’s why you have two options: keep the headboard in a neutral tone to highlight the wall behind it, or even use a colourful or patterned headboard to highlight this decor element.

A good tip is to coordinate the background colour of the wall with the colour of the headboard. For those who prefer a cheerful and relaxed room, using colours with a certain degree of contrast is an interesting resource. This is the case, for example, with a green wall with a pink headboard. 

With bedside table

If you choose to make a planned headboard, consider embedding a suspended table. The bedside table is a very functional item and guarantees that support for the glass of water, glasses and other objects that the child wants to place next to the bed. 

Another advantage of the suspended nightstand is that it does not take up space in the bedroom, favouring small environments.

Count on the child’s opinion

The child’s opinion is very important when choosing the headboard, after all, the bed and the room are theirs. So, call her, if you are old enough, to help you choose the colour, print and model of the headboard. 

Including the child in the process of decorating the room can even help him sleep better in his own bed.










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