Tips & Creative Ideas to Insert a Cheap Closet

The closet is no longer synonymous with chic and sophisticated. On the contrary, it is possible to have a cheap, beautiful, and very functional closet. Want to know how? So follow this post that we will give you all the details for you to plan yours.

The first step in having a cheap closet is to go for the DIY concept or “Do It Yourself”. To save on the closet design it is essential that you get involved in the production of the space. There are several videos on the internet teaching how to make shelves, racks, hangers, and other types of support. Use your creativity and summon nails, hammers, and brushes to the task. Check out some more tips to assemble your cheap closet below:

  1. Use and abuse materials that would end up in the trash. That’s right! Add a touch of sustainability to your project and reuse boxes, pallets, cardboard boxes, bottles, PVC pipes, and whatever else fits your proposal. It is possible to do incredible things with these materials, transforming them into unique, original, and, above all, functional pieces.
  2. Put all your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories on display in a visible way and select the pieces you really like and use. The others send for donations. Do not accumulate clothes that you do not use, they will only serve to clutter your future closet and leave it disorganized. Not to mention that it is easier to find the parts you want.
  3. Pan out housewares and construction stores. They are great for finding stands, shelves, and organizers of varying sizes, shapes, and models. In these stores, it is also possible to find cabinets and furniture suitable for closets.
  4. To avoid having to spend on doors, use curtains to close and delimit the closet space. In this case, the best option is the curtains that go from the ceiling to the floor. They make the environment more visually harmonious. But if you want to give a more modern and stripped touch to the closet, you can use screens. They help to hide and partially limit the closet.
  5. Jewelry, bags, and hats can be easily arranged on-wall-mounted supports or hangers. In addition to keeping everything in place, they are still very decorative.
  6. In addition to reusing recyclable materials, you can also choose to give a new purpose to furniture and objects that are unused somewhere in the house. Stairs, for example, are used a lot in projects of cheap closets. They can be nailed horizontally on the wall as a rack or, even against the wall supporting objects on their steps, as if they were shelves. An old wardrobe can also be taken apart and reused in parts to create a closet. Check everything you have at home and see what is possible to be reused.
  7. Open closets are also on the rise. The purpose of this type of closet is to leave clothes, shoes, and accessories on display as if they were part of the decoration. This is a good option to save money, however, this closet model requires a lot of organization, otherwise, your room can become a mess.
  8. To complement the look of your closet, use decorative elements such as rugs, pictures, and even plant pots. It will be more beautiful and full of personality.
  9. Closets, even the simplest ones, need to be comfortable. Invest in objects that can help you when dressing, such as benches, mirrors, and rugs.
  10. Do not forget to take care of the lighting in the closet if it is closed. Light is important to help you find what you need.

Check out more tips on selecting images below. Sure you will want to start making yours today.











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Author: Renata Kralevska


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