TinkerBox Residence by Studio MM in Kerhonkson, New York

Project: TinkerBox
Architects: Studio MM
Location: Kerhonkson, NY, USA
Area: 1,260 sq ft
Photographs by: Brad Feinknopf

TinkerBox by Studio MM

Studio MM is an American architecture firm that has created a new, modern holiday residence on a forested site in Kerhonkson, a small town in upstate New York.
The main and most recognizable feature of this modern home called the TinkerBox residence is its exterior defined by a giant front door and a garage for the car-loving owner. The facade is clad in charred cedar spanning across both floors.
The upper story is where all of the main living areas are contained while the ground floor is mostly about the garage and the workshop.

Nestled in the woods of Hudson Valley, this house was conceived as a car-lover’s dream retreat. A generously sized garage is the locus of the design, generating space for car storage and maintenance as well as a spacious wine cellar and a furniture workshop. The rectangular form of the house, which is partially embedded in the hilly landscape, emerges from the lower-level garage and creates an open plan living space ideal for entertaining, relaxing by a cozy fire, and for an office studio.

The exposed beam roof structure, inspired by a workshop aesthetic, emphasizes the double story entryway that draws guests up to an outdoor fireplace and grill. Located on 10.9 acres, the project is intended to eventually become a guest house, ensuring privacy for both the clients and their friends.

Studio MM


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