This small decorative piece of furniture is the perfect spring investment

There’s nothing like a tangy Colorama detail to personalize your interior. With their graphic lines and frankly, totemic silhouettes, dressed in metal, plastic, or ceramic, the most popular stools of the moment multiply expressions of singularity, giving rise to an incursion of explosive splashes into the decor. 

A colorful stool to twist the decor

Far beyond the simple decorative accessory, stools and side tables stand out as extravagances in their own right to brighten up any room in the house. An object of all audacity, this small piece of furniture, easy to adopt and move, assumes its reduced proportions to the first degree, going for an offbeat aesthetic. Legacy of the Memphis movement or inspired by life-size chess pieces, plump sculptures, Corinthian columns, or intertwined marshmallows, the season’s stools immediately summon an expressive, almost eccentric imagination, without, however, discounting their functionality. To match their charismatic curves, the stools are enriched with striking chromatic variations, combining delicate pastels, acid tones, an organic palette, and lacquered, sparkling, or even flashy surfaces.

Where to buy a designer-colored stool?

The ultimate proof that the style exercise of the year resides in the step aside, extra creativity, colorful stools, and side tables are erected as paragons of the taste of the time through a handful of collections. If India Mahdavi, Ettore Sottsass, and the Pols Potten studio have made it their field of expression, Serax, Mustache, Monoprix, AMPM, or NV Gallery are giving a second wind to this future great furniture classic. In pictures, our selection is to prove it to you.


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