Things You Should Throw Away That Declutter The Valuable Space In Your Home

Throw away, donate, give away … you decide what you will do with all those things that you have at home and are leftover. We review what is more in each room.

Between what you keep just in case, what makes you sad to throw away, what you don’t know you have … your house is full of objects that take up space, fill with dust and consume your energy (more than you think). In addition, all professional organizers agree, that the first step to order is to learn to get rid of what we no longer use.

Wrapping paper, old mobiles, perfume samples, gifts that you don’t like … Because your house is full of things that you don’t use or have needed in years (yes years). Look how many of these things you can throw away. If you do a quick review, it will be easy for you to identify a lot. Start with the easiest: objects with which you have no sentimental attachment such as cloth, dishes, decoration .. Eliminate them without mercy. These 10 steps will help you get started shooting .

Say goodbye to these objects in your hall

It is possible that the furniture or console in your hall has many objects that you do not use, so check it thoroughly and you will see how much space you have left. And then it ‘attacks’ the area where you have the accessories: thousands of cloth bags, half-torn umbrellas, shoes and scarves that you do not use, gloves without a partner … Check this following list and clean up!

  • Ornaments that you no longer like.
  • Keys that you don’t know what open.
  • Restaurant brochures.
  • Discount coupons.
  • Letters that were left unopened.
  • Broken umbrella.
  • Shoes that you no longer wear.
  • Shopping bags that you accumulate.
  • Worn air fresheners.
  • Old or old-fashioned sunglasses.
  • Used batteries.
  • Old shoes from another season.
  • Hanging scarves that you never wear.

The things that are leftover in your kitchen

Many things take up space in your kitchen drawers and cabinets that you should have thrown away long ago. Go through drawer by drawer, then move on to the larger cabinets and finish off the pantry. If you have open products in jars and you do not remember when they are or expired food, that should go to the trash. These tips will help you never waste food again. But there are more things you can throw out of the kitchen:

  • Recipe books that you don’t consult. You can search for them online.
  • Chipped cups and plates. Say goodbye!
  • Old aprons. How ugly they look!
  • Appliances that you do not use, such as the yogurt maker or the refrigerator.
  • Damaged cloth and mittens. Better to have 5 clothes in good condition than a dozen old ones.
  • Thousands of mason jars. Save only 4 that is good.
  • Cutting boards in poor condition. Plastic and wooden ones have a shelf life. Don’t get over it!
  • Pastry and bakery accessories that, be honest, you will never use!
  • Repeated utensils. Scoops, ladles, skimmers … one of each is enough.
  • Knives that do not cut. Instead of sharpening them, you have already bought new ones. Throw them!
  • Spices that you do not use and have expired.

This is everything you shouldn’t have in the living room

The living room is the room in your house where the most things happen and, many times, the one that accumulates the most objects. If you empty it a bit, not only will it look bigger and neater, you will also feel better. Start with the bookcase: it is a piece of furniture that usually accumulates more objects than necessary and, at least, 30% of its space should be empty. Also look at the so-called magnet areas: the coffee table, the auxiliary tables, or a chair that usually serves to leave everything. But there is more!

  • Books of the past. Like encyclopedias or collections that you no longer consult.
  • Devices such as deuvedés, videos, old radios … They only get dusty.
  • Videotapes and music that you can no longer play.
  • An inherited porcelain collection that you don’t like at all.
  • Tablecloths that you do not use. Save a good one for special occasions and keep 2 or 3 daily.
  • Millions of plaids. They are pretty and practical, but with 3 or 4 you have more than enough.
  • Memories of trips that you no longer like and you have stopped liking.
  • Almost burned out candles that you will not light again.

The things that are leftover in your bedroom

It is a place of rest, so you should have the minimum so that the clutter does not interfere with your hours of sleep. It starts with what you see: gowns that you don’t wear, perfumes that you don’t use, half a bookcase on the table … There will be things that you will put in their place and others that you can take advantage of of of to throw away. Look at this list, clean up and, when there are no more things you don’t need, put your bedroom in order.

  • The robe or jacket from behind the door that you haven’t worn in years.
  • Papers on the table don’t make sense for them to be there.
  • Socks without a partner for a long time.
  • Old or dry cleaning hangers. If they are all different, fire them. They better be the same.
  • Your collection of purses and toiletry bags. A pair of different sizes is enough for you.
  • Bags that you keep just in case. More than 10 is too many.
  • All the jewelry that you don’t wear.

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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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