These trendy pieces of furniture that you will see everywhere this year!

To shoppers new or found, here is an overview of the trendy furniture that is making a remarkable comeback in our interiors this winter. Recently out of fashion for some, they are coming back to the fore. With them, we exhibit our most beautiful pieces, we tidy up in style and slouch down to unwind.

The one-piece table or pedestal table

At the heart of the living room as a coffee table or near the headboard to play as bedside tables, the one-piece shape invites itself into everyday decors to give them a damn seductive dose of refinement. Square or rectangular version, the monobloc stands out from the slew of fashionable trends where gleaming metallic bases and sculptural details shine. Massive and anchored in the ground, this type of marble or metal coffee or side table does not need to be raised to capture all eyes. And then, with it, the memories of interiors typical of the 70s and their sharp and uninhibited taste come back. We inherit it happily!

The multifunctional sofa for a more relaxed living room

On the living room side once again, it’s time for relaxation with centerpieces that invite us to laze around. The return to the grace of the seventies in decoration is certainly not innocent in the proliferation of sofa models combining casual design and functionality. In addition to displaying a design deliberately low to the ground to reinforce an aesthetic of letting go, these sofas are equipped with exemplary modularity by offering an additional space halfway between the meridian and the pedestal table where to place a meal tray on the time for a break or a decorative object to make the sofa corner a completely decorative corner!

The chair looks like a throne

Over the seasons, the armchair continues to demonstrate its wide range of possibilities to participate in the creation of a sharp and welcoming decor at the same time. If there are a plethora of trendy design armchairs, the tripod version armchair does well to integrate living rooms in search of refined pieces. In curly wool or velvet, in an off-white or Klein blue version, this armchair with a chiseled base is topped with an ultra-comfortable and reassuring curved backrest. Its aesthetic close to a revisited throne gives it a special aura. In a bedroom or the living room, this piece combines all the major trends of the moment: cozy, the seventies, chic, and unique. Faultless guaranteed.


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