These Are The Bedroom Trends For Autumn-Winter 2021/22

We continue to enjoy the summer and the month of August, but already looking askance at the trends that come to us for the next autumn-winter season 2021/2022. On this occasion, we bring you the trends for the next season.

  • On-trend will arrive to convey that summer is here and that it is time to share, enjoy and renew the look of the house. It brings us moments of peace that we will so much need after the holidays, sustainable designs with pastel finishes are here to stay. And also its antithesis, the black & white that also comes stomping so that all the rooms of the house transmit the calm and the vibrations that we need.
  • The Comfy House is comfortable in its purest form, the maximum representation of being at home anywhere. They want to convey that following trends for the home is not incompatible with comfort. That is why they present a wide selection of iconic pieces finished with the season’s must-have fabric, shearling. The beige, gray, and white tones take on more force than ever and contrast with the sustainable solid wood.

1. We start with a bedroom with personality and sustainability, in which the lamps with rattan lampshade and the headboard in mango wood and coconut shells stand out.

2. On these lines, a more dark side bedroom because dark tones are also a trend. Kave Home includes, among its proposals for the upcoming autumn-winter season, a collection of black and white textiles and a minimal style mirror.

3. Sleeping surrounded by eco-friendly pieces can help us rest better: Kave Home proposes organic fabrics and wooden furniture that comes from responsible logging, along with adequate lighting.

4. In this last image, we see a bedside table on each side to comply with the recommendations of Feng Shui and highlight the wooden furniture.


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