The Wood Decorated Walls That Will Make You Fall In Love With This Interior

Oak, pine, MDF, melamine… they are different types of wood that not only decorate the walls. They achieve many more effects. Do you want to know which ones?

Walls with wood that shelter

In mountain houses, it is very common to clad the interiors with wood to protect them from the cold and create a warm atmosphere. To decorate this room, the interior designer has covered the wooden walls, matching the ceiling of the beams and the flooring. Even the chimney hood and flue! If you want to recreate this image at home, experts advise buying 10% more planks to prevent unforeseen events during installation or to replace parts over time.

A blank wooden wainscot that dresses the wall

Another option to decorate the walls with wood is to cover part of them with wainscoting. These not only protect them from damp but also decorate them, hide imperfections and give the room an extra style. Choose natural wood from sustainable forests or MDF, which is lighter, fade-resistant, antiallergic, and economical. In this room that has been decorated, the frieze has been painted white while the rest of the wall reappears in a sand tone. A warm and bright combination.

White wooden walls that give light

In this hall, the Milans del Bosch Studio has lined the wall with overlapping pine slats, like tiles, which give the space texture and dynamism. Lacquered in white multiply the luminosity of the area and contrast with the oak laminate flooring.

Wall covered with wooden palillería, how original!

The wooden palillería is a very recurrent decorative resource to cover the walls. Its stylized slats offer visual order, relief, and height to the spaces. The most commonly used woods are oak, pine, walnut, ash, and maple. In this room, the interior designers Andrea Diego and Vanesa Vergara have designed this piece of furniture, behind which the oak woodwork wall can be seen. And if you look closely, the interiors of the shelf are also lined with wood.

A lattice with wooden slats to separate environments

In addition to giving light and warmth, the walls decorated with wood also serve to subtly separate spaces. In the decoration of this bedroom, the decor studio has eliminated the original partition that separated it from the bathroom. And in its place, it has placed an original wooden lattice that lets in light while maintaining privacy.

A wall clad in elmwood that gives continuity

The woods that decorate the walls also know how to integrate spaces. Proof of this is this kitchen open to the office. In it, the interior designer has used the same melamine with an elm finish to cover the worktop, the pillars, and the wall of the dining room. With this decoration of the dining room, he successfully manages to give visual continuity to the area.

Knotted Natural Pine Wood Siding

These natural pine wood slats with a raw brushed finish will give any room that extra warmth. Its installation is very simple, you simply have to fit some slats with others and fix them to the wall with fasteners, staples, or nails. And best of all, they are PFC certified!

A wood-paneled hallway adds style

Do you want to give warmth and luminosity to a corridor that does not already have it? The interior designer has covered the entire floor, ceiling, and walls in oak wood. Even the slides blend in with the material! If it weren’t for the fingernails and handles, the doors would go unnoticed.

Wooden shelves in the bathroom for balancing

Marble-clad bathrooms have made a comeback. If you are reluctant to put this material in your bathroom because you think it may be too cold, see how they have solved it from Àbag Estudio. They have fixed floating wooden shelves that, in addition to decorating the wall, add warmth and order to the space. You know, balance is the key.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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