The Ultimate Mountain House With Unique Rustic Essence

A young couple bought this little stone-walled mountain house in off-plan, but they found the finishes of the construction company cold and without personality and hired interior designers to set things right.

A mountain house with a fresh touch

The interior designer knew how to understand the wishes of the new owners. They sought to give it a more mountain, warmer air. Your bet? The combination of soft green and lots and lots of wood.

I love you (more if you are) green

In the kitchen, which was completely changed, a moss green was chosen for the fronts that we will see sprinkling various details throughout the house. They were excited to introduce this tone because all the windows have views of green landscapes, it is a way of putting the outside in.

And there was light

In addition to being green, the house asked for light: so the interior designer opened new windows and enlarged the existing ones, such as the one above the sofa in the living room, which is now almost a cinema screen where a documentary of Pyrenean nature is always projected.

Ideas with ingenuity

The moss green color of the kitchen is, along with the wood, the protagonist of the house, but they also played with the light stone on the walls or in elements as ingenious as the dining room bench (next to the kitchen).

More wood

Of course, another key to the formula to give a rural touch was wood. The wood, with spectacular finishes on the beams, like the windows and stairs, is made of treated solid pine. On the floor (bathroom and kitchen included), there is a wonderful natural oak with a matte varnish.

A wooden ladder

The staircase maintains the same oak as the rest of the house. As well as good ideas, such as the shelf next to the staircase serves to store the dishes or the fact of having removed the railing from the first flight of the staircase to make the space lighter.

Wake up with the birds

In the bedroom, the holy trinity (moss, light, woods) and little else were kept to maintain the relaxed, warm, and enveloping austerity of the entire house. For example, instead of filling the room with furniture, a custom oak shelf supports the paintings and a few minimal stools serve as side tables.

A rustic and modern bathroom

In it, we see the same combination of colors and materials as in the rest of the house. The moss green metro tiles with shades of gray and enameled stand out, enhancing that rustic point without losing modernity. Wood accents help add warmth.

Bohemian attic

In the attic, a huge oak flooring serves as the base for a sofa made with a custom mattress. Here they put the office. Behind the desk, we made a plinth that camouflages cables and installations and that serves to support books.

The perfect little house

And this house, in addition to being beautiful and rustic, is designed to be functional and orderly. That is why it is the definitive mountain house.


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