The Trends You Need to Know About Chic and Modern Interior Design at Your Home

We already know that this year is all about seeing our homes become more lux and grown up. Finally, the candy-tone Millennial pink is on its way out and the Boho look will hang up its tassels, with all its macrame glory.

Choosing the right interior design for your space is beyond important, and if you are into chic & modern decor combination look what we have for you. Here are the top tips we have chosen for what’s in the store for the modern interior design.

Muted tones and Jewel-like colors

For this style, there were some color predictions, and if you have come across then you have noticed something, right? If not, let us say to you that the deeper hues and art-deco inspired jewel tones are the ones. They are extremely soothing and with their stunning dusty or chalky tones are like the whisper of understated luxe. The overtake has begun, and it comes along with the next colors – emerald, grey-blue, sage, mint and warm neutrals in beige, tan and clay. You don’t have to paint the whole room in one of these shades, but you can easily embrace this elegant palette through your throws, pillows, tableware, and art.

Also, there will be a feature of matte black and guess what, we couldn’t be happier. This one makes a bold contrast to this style colors and they can be introduced through decor and furniture. So, babes black is back! Now we can get on board!

Image Credit | Lisa Cohen

Image Credit | Lisa Cohen

Color in unusual places

All these new colors and plus finding them in atypical places? Yup, don’t be surprised when you see color used in bathrooms and kitchens like never before. I mean, who wants a boring old white kitchen ha? Yet, if you are not still ready to re-do your kitchen in deep sage then introduce the color slowly to some appliances that you have, like kettles and toasters.

Image Credit | Arent & Pyke

Sustainable furniture, textiles, and decor

We know how sustainable interiors ate the best thing that happened to this era! Are you beyond thrilled, as we are to see that ethically made furniture is a firm fixture in design trends? If you agree with us then you know the importance of not calling it a trend anymore, but a movement. You’ll be surprised that the boho ‘eco’ is gone, but has been replaced by an elegant and sophisticated look that defies trends. 2019 is the year representing an era of design with purpose where furniture and decor are made from recycled and environmentally-friendly materials. That’s the norm!

Image credit | Wehlers

Embrace the imperfect

Just as we are leaning on sustainable and ethical design, we are also looking towards the functional over decorative and embracing handmade imperfections. We have the warm feeling to know the hands that made our goods, not the factories, we want to see the air bubbles, the fingerprints, the chisel marks, and joints. You see, we love the imperfections in finish and style. That’s why the design doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should feel lived in, relatable and authentic. Can you relate to it? We truly believe you can, because this is what matters at the end of the day.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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