The Standing Mirrors That You’ll Be After You See Them

Wish you could admire your look of the day, from head to toe? It is impossible without a large mirror, even that of the cupboard could prove to be insufficient, for lack of perspective. The solution? Adopt a standing mirror!

Placed in the bedroom, living room, or hallway, it will tell you every day that you are the most beautiful / the most beautiful!


Very functional, this oval mirror is supported by a ladder-like structure, in solid ash. Everything remains stable and at the desired angle, thanks to the rubber frame which adheres to the ground and prevents the mirror from slipping!

It is a narrow-width mirror. It is therefore able to slip into a small space. Impossible not to consider it as a bathroom mirror, with its integrated wooden ladder to place the towels!


In a typical Scandinavian style, this tripod mirror gives a natural touch to your decor. The soft glass with rounded edges harmonizes perfectly with the lower shelf. This is very useful for putting on a pair of slippers, a book, or a basket filled with accessories. At the back, the receding mirror gives you a sidebar to hang on a hanger, your outfit for the next day.


Here is a rectangular mirror in blond oak wood, FSC certified, environmentally friendly. It looks like a painting, lightly leaning on its low foot. If it promotes contemplation, the mirror is also the major asset of a studied decoration. It reflects the lights and colors to give a pleasant feeling of depth.

It is for this reason that it can sublimate all the rooms of the house, without exception!


We have much more than a simple mirror! It’s a whole storage column made of solid, natural, and durable teak. A versatile piece of furniture, the mirror completely conceals the niches at the back for a refined aesthetic. Teak is a material of choice for the bathroom. However, you might as well appreciate it in the living room.

Place some decorative objects there and why not, a pot of hanging plants to create a green waterfall on the side.


We love the authentic look of the bleached wood frame of this decorative mirror. He will be at ease in a bright, bohemian-style bedroom. Between the dressing table and the chest of drawers, this full-length mirror is as useful as it is ornamental. To dress, makeup or just to decorate, this rectangular wooden mirror will bring a period spirit to your interior.


More than an ordinary mirror, choose the refinement of a mirror with an oak frame. It surrounds your reflection to present it to you in the best light! Its foot allows it to be placed on the ground like a free-standing mirror. If you end up running out of space, nothing prevents you from hanging it up so that it becomes a wall mirror.

Classically vertical or more original, as a horizontal mirror above a sideboard.


Baroque mirror, design or minimalist, finally the brass fits absolutely everywhere. This is undoubtedly why he has been fashioning many decorative objects for some time.

But if you don’t want a golden mirror, don’t worry, this model is also available in black. The matte finish of the metal gives a more sober and modern look. With generous dimensions, this large mirror will never miss a thing!


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