The Shower Canopy – the New Trendy Asset Of Your Bathroom

What if you replaced the traditional shower screen with a shower canopy? Does this idea sound eccentric to you? Think again: this is one of the major decorating trends of the moment. The shower canopy is asserting itself today as a design element that will easily find its place in all styles of bathrooms.

Give in to the fashion of the shower canopy

A shower canopy for more light

The circulation of light is always an important aspect to consider when designing a room, whatever it may be. While bathrooms most often have only one single window, it is essential to supplement this lighting with artificial lights. Building a wall as a shower wall, as in the context of the development of a walk-in shower, for example, is the most commonly used solution. However, a wall may provide maximum privacy, but it also has the disadvantage of blocking the passage of light. The installation of a shower canopy is therefore a very interesting alternative. without any hindrance. To protect yourself from prying eyes when you are in the shower, consider opting for a shower canopy equipped with opaque glasses: discretion guaranteed.

A shower canopy for a larger space

Installing a shower canopy in your bathroom will certainly not allow you to push the walls and therefore benefit from a larger surface. This device will however have the power to visually enlarge the room, which is a significant advantage in small bathrooms. Indeed, as we mentioned earlier, the shower canopy allows light to circulate freely, which therefore creates an effect of depth in the room. This impression of space is also reinforced by its light structure and the glass that composes it. Less imposing than a wall and more graphic than a shower enclosure, the shower canopy is a valuable asset for bringing volume to the room.

A shower canopy in various styles

Most commonly, the shower canopy consists of a black-colored metal frame and glazed tiles. But so that everyone can find a shower canopy that matches their style and the atmosphere they want to create in their bathroom, the looks of canopies are multiplying. It is thus possible to choose a canopy whose metal frame will be colored white and not black. The angles, usually straight, can take on a more rounded look, which brings softness to the whole. Another element of the glass roof with a variable style: the glass panes. These can be more or less numerous and also more or less large, adopting a single dimension over the entire canopy or combining shapes and positioning. The glass that makes up the shower canopy can be transparent or more or less opaque. It is also possible to choose an all-glass shower canopy or to prefer a model whose lower part is made of solid metal, for more privacy.


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