The Secret Of Successful And Well Decorated Bedroom is The Upholstered Headboards

They are comfortable, stylish, warm, and guarantee a soft backrest. Upholstered headboards are a must. Find yours in this selection with designs of all styles.

A tufted upholstered headboard, elegance assured

Tufted headboards are a safe bet if you are looking for a timeless alternative to decorate your bed. They indeed have a certain classic halo, but they also fit perfectly in more modern or even vintage bedrooms. Its special upholstery arises between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century in the upholstery of the sofas of English clubs. It is characteristic of how it has buttons dotted all over the surface, creating a particular relief.

Upholstered and studded, another classic option for the bedroom

If you are looking for a classic style, but want something more discreet, avoiding the powerful presence of the tufted upholstery, choose one with studs in the frame. They help to tighten the fabric and mark the edge area with thicker padding.   

The freshness and warmth of an upholstered linen headboard

It is a perfect alternative if you want to enjoy the freshness that this fabric brings in summer and the warmth it gives in winter. In addition, they are a simple and delicate option that you can make yourself. Do you want to know how?

An upholstered headboard camouflaged with the wall

If you don’t want the headboard to steal the prominence of the bedroom, either because the views are spectacular and invite you to direct your gaze, or because you prefer to highlight the area of ​​the bed by decorating the wall of the headboard, choose an upholstered model of a fabric with a neutral color. We recommend that you avoid pure white, as it will get dirty very quickly and, if it is not removable, it will be difficult to remove the dirt. That is why a neutral tone is better, such as beige, greige, taupe, or even soft ocher.

A maxi upholstered headboard with a DM frame

Everything great about this headboard is “discreet”. And it is that even though the decorator wanted to frame the bed with a large headboard to give it prominence and a point of impudence, she opted for the same wall color both in the DM frame and in the upholstery.

Earpad, padded and very comfortable

The choice of an upholstered headboard goes beyond aesthetics – it makes the space more welcoming – because it is very pleasant to lean on when sitting in bed, especially if you have the habit of reading before going to bed. This, type of ear, gives an extra visual comfort thanks to its design.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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