The Role of Rollers and Tracks in Garage Door Functionality

As long as your door is working properly, you don’t have to worry about its mechanism.  Rollers and tracks are two important parts of the door. They help the door move up and down when you press the button.

These parts of the door are very important because they play other roles. We will discuss the parts and why they are important in this guide.

Garage Door Tracks and How It Works

This part enables the garage door to move smoothly. When you open or close the door, it makes it easier for the door to move. It is like a train track. Will a train move without tracks? No, it won’t.

Hence, it must be placed properly for the garage door to work well or else you will be repairing your garage door frequently. There are different types of tracks for various purposes. Some are ideal for commercial use, while others are for residential purposes. The main difference between each type is the width.

What are Rollers?

A garage door roller is a tiny wheel that guides the door when it moves on the tracks. The rollers are sturdy and can hold the door’s weight. You’ll find several types available including:

  • Steel rollers: This type is made from steel and makes it easier for the door to move freely. Some people prefer it because it is sturdy and doesn’t break easily. It is cheaper than other types for many reasons. One is that it makes more noise when it rolls up and down. The roller may also produce more vibration. Another con of this type is that it needs frequent lubrication to keep it in good working condition.
  • Nylon rollers: This type is made from chemical polymers and plays the same role as the steel counterparts. However, it does have some benefits, such as reduced maintenance. It doesn’t need lubrication as much as the steel rollers and doesn’t vibrate as much.

How Important are Tracks and Rollers?

Both tracks and rollers are a rod and wheel system, as they connect your garage door to the house. Without them, the door won’t open easily. This makes them an important part of the garage door.

At every point when the garage door opens, the tracks and rollers work. This is why they often need maintenance and replacement after some time.

Both parts are crucial for the smooth operation of the door. Rollers come with a long tube for sliding back and forth on the tracks. This process is almost impossible without the tracks or rollers.

Also, tracks and rollers help align and balance the garage door. The rollers are made to fit the tracks perfectly. This is why it can move freely without collapsing. Without this balance and alignment, the door will not open.

Tracks also make the garage door safer for use. It holds the rollers in place when the door moves up or down. It keeps it stable so it doesn’t fall on you.

Friction and wear and tear are other important factors that track and rollers mitigate. Friction produces heat that can damage the system, but rollers come with ball bearings. These bearings reduce the friction and keep it stable. With less friction, the system will last longer.

Why Do You Need to Maintain or Replace Rollers

Rollers and tracks need routine maintenance to check if any parts need replacement. The reason for this is that when they begin to loosen or wear with time, your garage door won’t open easily again. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, ignoring the problem may lead to an even bigger expense.

  1. It will take more effort to close and open the door, putting more pressure on the entire system.  Ultimately, this will reduce your garage door system’s life span.
  2. Also, if there is a crack in your roller, the door won’t open and close properly. This means you’ll either be stuck in the garage or outside.
  3. It is also a security risk since the garage is connected to most homes. A faulty door can create an easy passage for burglars and thieves.
  4. It also exposes your home to the elements in case of extreme weather.
  5. Finally, other parts of the garage system can begin to deteriorate when the roller is worn out.

When to Replace Your Garage Door Rollers

Rollers need replacing from time to time to ensure that the system works properly. They come with cycle ratings, which determine how long they can last before needing replacement.

How can you determine the cycle of a garage door roller? The cycle begins simply when the house owner opens and closes the door. This action is one cycle; if you use the garage often, you may open it up to five times in one day. This translates to roughly 1,500 times per year.

It also helps to check the system’s documentation to see the lifespan of the rollers. You may have to do some math to determine the replacement dates, but it is only basic.

In some cases, the type of rollers you have also determines the cycle. For instance, nylon rollers have 10,000 cycles, meaning they can last for up to seven years at a stretch.

Tips to Make Your Rollers and Tracks Last Longer

To increase the service life of rollers and tracks, they must be inspected and maintained regularly:

  • Do regular cleaning of dust and dirt
  • Lubricate for smooth operation and longer service life
  • Inspect for cracks or other signs of imminent failure
  • Adjust and level from time to time
  • Replace worn parts as necessary
  • Avoid overloading
  • Keep mechanisms dry to prevent corrosion

Rollers play a large role in the smooth operation of your garage doors. The same applies to the tracks because both components work together. Both also need regular maintenance to keep working in good condition.

If you must get new rollers, only opt for good products that fit the system and are durable.


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Author: Maja Markovski

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