The Right Decor Trend For Spring – The Colored Glasses

If ceramic seems to hold an unshakeable place in the pantheon of decoration, it tends to be replaced by a competitor that is usually rather transparent.

A playful and whimsical material 

Propelled by a new curious and amused design guard, glass is making an unprecedented but above all colorful comeback. As proof, the timeless basic glass vase now arouses desire by lending itself to all the chromatic variations. Red, yellow, blue, or green, this usually transparent support plays with its iridescent materiality to appear in the key tones of the season, pastel and Murano-style speckled effect at the top. A malleable and versatile material par excellence, glass also knows how to take playful, sometimes whimsical shapes, upgraded with dazzling modernity. 

Colored glass objects for more poetry

Hot on the heels of the lacquer, terracotta, metal, and wood star quartet, glass unfolds its refreshing assets to rise to the top of the spring-summer 2022 decoration collections. A poetic common thread for the publisher La Romaine Editions and favorite material of the designer Sophie Lou Jacobsen, glass uses its versatile character to multiply seductive appearances.

All in reflection and transparency on the glass coffee table signed ClassiCon, blown glass with enticing and eccentric curves for the Danish artist Helle Mardahl, sculptural and precious bookends at Reflections Copenhagen, and playful Colorama at the Scandinavians Hübsch, HAY, Broste Copenhagen or even &klevering, this medium declines its multiple identities, additional singularity. 

To be exhibited at will, the colored glass objects guarantee an atmosphere of accuracy, opalescence, and poetry. The proof with our selection. 








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