The Real Advantages of Having a Kitchen Sliding Door

Beautiful and very functional, the kitchen sliding door has been the number one option for those who are building and renovating. But why? There are some good reasons for this and we will tell you everything in this post, continue reading here with us. 

What are the advantages of sliding kitchen doors?

Space optimization

A sliding door is a great option for those who need a solution to visually expand environments and optimize useful space.

This is because, unlike traditional doors that open and close, the sliding door slides on a track flush with the wall, eliminating the need for space for opening and closing the door. 

However, it is still important to consider the opening area of ​​the sliding door, taking into account that the wall must be free of obstacles, such as cabinets or other furniture. 

But if this is not possible, then the tip is to bet on the built-in sliding rails, where the door slides into the wall, usually, in this case, made of plaster and with a hollow interior. 

The great advantage of this model is that it allows a total opening of the gap, being perfect for environments that are sometimes integrated, and sometimes separated, as is usually the case between the kitchen and the living or dining room, for example.

Aesthetic value

You can’t deny the super modern look that a sliding door has. It adds value to the project, collaborating with the aesthetics of the environment. However, in addition to being modern, the sliding door can take on other styles depending on the color and material it is made of. 

Installation mode also makes a difference. The rail models are classic and can accommodate any decorative project. Those with the exposed rail where the door runs on pulleys are the face of modern and stylish projects, combining very well with industrial-style decorations.


Sliding doors are ideal in integrated projects, as is usually the case between the kitchen and the living room. This is because this type of door gives a wide and spacious opening, ensuring that the two environments are united with each other. 

Under Measure

The sliding door is also ideal for those who need a bespoke project. So, if you need to fill a wide gap or a higher ceiling, don’t worry because the sliding door solves everything.

Variety of colors

Want one more advantage of the sliding door? We give you! The variety of colors. This is because the materials used in the manufacture of this type of door accept painting and other forms of coloring. 

Glass, for example, can be either colorless, smoked, or mirrored. Wood, on the other hand, brings the incredible look of woody tones or even the most varied colors, as the material allows painting easily. The same goes for iron and metal sliding doors. 

The only material that is more limited in the choice of colors is aluminum, as the material requires specific painting.


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