The Rain Of Blessing Theme And What Does It Mean?

Have you ever thought about making a decoration that is a real rain of blessing? Well, that’s what we’re going to introduce you to in today’s post. The rain of blessing decoration has been one of the favorites, especially by dads and moms to decorate children’s rooms and also as a theme for celebrations such as a baby shower or 1st birthday. That’s because, in addition to the theme being very cute, it is full of special meanings. 

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What is the rain of blessing theme?

The decorative rain of blessing theme is directly related to a biblical passage, in the book of Ezekiel 34:26, which says “in the proper season I will cause rains to descend, there will be showers of blessing”. The biblical narrative is a message of faith, hope, and optimism that suggests a time of plenty and prosperity in every way. 

This positive message was soon associated with children’s themes, such as a wish of welcome and health for the babies to come and the little ones who are celebrating their first years of life. That’s why the rain of blessing theme ends up being very popular in children’s rooms, baby showers, and 1st birthdays.

Is it or isn’t it a very special topic?

Decorative elements

The rain of blessings theme is marked by some essential decorative elements. See what they are below:

A cloud

The main decorative element of the rain of blessing decoration is the cloud. All the decor is geared towards her. This is because, symbolically, the “rain of blessing” falls through it, just as it does in nature. 

Clouds can be represented in the decoration with cotton, plush, pillows, paper pom-poms, or, in the case of a party, white balloons, for example.


In addition to clouds, the theme can still bring other elements to complete the decoration. A very used one is the heart. Hearts represent love and are often used as if they were the “droplets” of rain. That is, a shower of blessings and full of love! You can make paper hearts and hang them under the clouds or even make clotheslines and heartstrings. 

Another good idea is to mount a curtain of hearts to decorate the bedroom wall or use it on the cake table panel.

Water drops

Traditional raindrops can also be used. In this case, they usually appear in shades of blue, complementing the theme’s color palette.

You can use drops made of paper or mini balloons. In bedroom decorations, they stand out in the form of lamps or pillows.


Another decorative element super present in the rain of blessings theme is the rainbow. In addition to being very cute and perfectly matching the theme, the rainbow also has an important religious meaning. For Christians, he is the symbol of God’s covenant with men.

The rainbow can appear in the theme of a party in the form of a balloon arch, on paper, forming the table panel, for example, or even in the decoration of sweets, such as cookies and cupcakes. For a room with a rain of blessing decoration, the rainbow can be represented in the form of lamps, pillows, or bedding.


The rain of blessing theme cannot leave out another indispensable element: the umbrella. It adds even more charm and sweetness to the theme and can be used in countless ways, from paper format to an umbrella.

How about now getting inspired with the following rain of blessing decoration ideas? It has a more beautiful inspiration than the other, come see.











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