The New Era of The “Bathroom Hall”

High tech and design go hand in hand in the new era of bathrooms conceived as more hedonistic and idle spaces, capable of becoming an authentic oasis of well-being. Welcome to the new world of the spa at home, with freestanding bathtubs and hydromassage showers as great icons of “me-time”.

That we live in the era of technology and wellness is nothing new. In recent years, we have seen how many of our routines were transformed, now much more technical and much more comfortable and comfortable, while the concept of well-being conquered a new meaning, more holistic and more integrated in our day today. Two trends that, without a doubt, have had their echo in the world of interior design and decoration, transforming our spaces, the relationship we have with our home, and the uses we give to each environment.

Thus, the multifunction has reached every corner of our homes, changing the traditional uses that we gave to each room: now, the kitchen no longer serves only for cooking, but has become one of the home meeting centers where you can also socialize, while the bathroom has undertaken an evolution towards the “bathroom hall”. A new concept in which privacy, comfort, well-being, and health have become the cornerstone of any interior design project adapted to the new trends of the 21st century.

From the bathroom to the bathroom

If the trend towards well-being has already been prevailing for some years, the shaking of the health pandemic that we have experienced with the coronavirus has just accentuated even more the need to create more playful, more idle, and more hedonistic houses that make us feel safe and comfortable, prepared to take care of us, to relax and to enjoy. Premises that, in the bathroom room, translate into larger, more open spaces, more connected with other rooms, that breathe nature, with natural light, quality materials, and wellness technology to accompany our beauty routines and transform our bathroom into a personalized refuge.

This oasis of calm and relaxation that keeps us away from the mental busyness in which most of us live reaches its maximum exponent with the new generation of freestanding bathtubs, the heart of the bathroom, which acts almost like a sofa on which to read, listen to music, apply body treatments and, above all, let go and be reborn.

In the same way, some pieces of furniture that we had always associated with the living room, have also jumped into the bathroom. An example of this is the armchairs or armchairs, as well as decorative elements such as ceiling lamps, mirrors on the floor, rugs, dressers, paintings or sculptures, which provide nobility and a large dose of art and that we have already begun to see in great projects signed by first-rate interior designers.

The “me-time” and the spa at home

Self-care or me-time are two trends in the booming world of wellness referring to the time a person engages himself and which develops activities for their own enjoyment. Two needs that, as we said, it is no longer necessary to search in wellness centers, but are much more within reach of our bathrooms if we use the latest technologies applied to the equipment and designed for body care and relaxation at home.

For example, offering us the possibility of combining the benefits of massage with those of chromotherapy or music therapy. Body sensations colored spotlights and relaxing or invigorating music thus becomes the perfect combo to transform our bathroom into our own personalized hammam.

Like the bathtub, another of the great trends that accompany them in the same space or smaller bathrooms are hydromassage showers or Wellness Showers sprinklers. And it is that, among its many functions, it stands out the ability they offer us to activate different sensory experiences through outputs in the rain, waterfall, water column, or nebulizer mode, which mixes water and air creating an enveloping, stimulating, or relaxing effect. Some models, besides, also combine colors or even aromatherapy, two options that can end up elevating the bath experience towards a most sublime ritual.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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