The Mould House by Morphlab in India

Project: The Mould House
Architects: Morphlab
Location: India
Photographs by: Courtesy of Morphlab

The Mould House by Morphlab

Fluid, organic and intuitive, The Mould House is a home that defies all limitations. The structure of the space is moulded into curves and contours–spaces are intertwined rather than separated, and the interplay between them is seamless. The essence of our design was to play with asymmetricality, blur boundaries, and create a home in which the occupants could truly feel liberated and at ease.

The Kolkata apartment is home to clients who enjoy travel and have a penchant for bold, contemporary design. “Our design practice is heavily inspired by the evolution of natural forms” says Sahil Jain. “For this project, our concept was based on abstract, organic forms inspired by local clay-craft techniques.” Our aim was to maximize the floor space and enhance the connection between spaces. The moulded organic formations enhance connectivity and provide seamless transition from one space to the other, without compromising on the warmth or intimacy of either.

The living and dining areas are placed within the same open plan room, but have been treated as distinct sections, each of which is accented by a patterned carpet. White marble flooring underlines the space with a subtle elegance, while the walls have a slight metallic accent that mirrors the metal furniture. The white and brass tones exemplify the idea of elegant, subdued luxury, while the bold blue elevates the space. Accents, like a cactus-inspired white and brass console table and matching bar unit reference the natural world in a subtle, yet glamorous way.

While redesigning the structure of the apartment, our focus was to enhance the connection with the outdoors. We extended the windows to the edges of the room and up to the ceiling, to maximize the natural light in the apartment. The metal palette has been extended into the bedrooms through bronze flooring. The walls are in lighter shades, but accentuated with artwork and pops of colour. “The apartment is in a high-rise tower surrounded by traditional Bengali houses, which tend to be quite colourful,” says Sahil Jain. “We brought elements of those colours in through artwork and decor.” The artwork was also selected to reflect the asymmetrical geometry of the apartment. One of the most significant pieces is a resin-coated hand-painted organic piece of customised abstract art used as a shower panel.

The elegance of modern, minimal forms bring life to the apartment, while a keen eye to tradition and the natural environment soften the space with a sense of familiar comfort. This House is a meditation on geometric form, elevating shapes to promote freedom and connection. In a play of bold colours and soft silhouettes, redefines the limits of contemporary comfort.


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