The Most Iconic Am/Pm Coffee Table Models For The Living Room

The most beautiful AMPM coffee tables

Scandinavian, contemporary or ethnic style; round, rectangular or elliptical in shape: here are our favorite coffee tables to perfect your interior decoration.

The Medito rectangular coffee table

The Medito rectangular coffee table has a rather original shape due to its slightly hollowed top. But also thanks to its base, which makes it ultra stable without being too visually imposing.

Its strengths: its realization in solid oak certified FSC * and its rounded edges, perfect for homes with young children!

The Addisson coffee table

On its own or in a pull-out way, the Addisson coffee table is a sure bet. We love its chamfered top with slightly random shapes, but also for its thin and elegant base.

Its strengths: its realization in solid oak certified FSC * and its natural finish which gives it a lot of styles.

The Arambol black marble coffee table

Thanks to its black marble top, the Arambol coffee table is pure beauty. We love the finesse and elegance that emanates from it!

Its strengths: the unique piece aspect provided by natural marble

The Aranza square coffee table

With its blend of light oak and black steel, the Aranza coffee table is perfect in contemporary style.

Its strengths: its square shape, absolutely timeless, and its beautiful dimensions.

The Colvene lacquered coffee table

With its ultra-contemporary lacquered finish, the Colvene coffee table is a great way to bring color to your home. It exists in two colors: bronze and cedar green; and in two different formats.

Its strengths: its artisanal production in Vietnam and its anti-scratch treatment.

Théoleine, for a Scandinavian style decor

With its airplane wing shape and Scandinavian style, the AMPM Théoleine coffee table will find its place in all styles of decoration. In addition, it can stand on its own or be complemented by its little sister!

Its strengths: its timeless and elegant shape, and its construction in solid walnut.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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