The Main Types Of Showers For Your Bathroom

Want to start the day right? Take a bath! Want to end the day well? Take a bath! The shower is always present in these everyday moments. It is for him that everyone runs when they want to relax, gain spirit and disposition.

But for this, it is essential to know how to choose the ideal type of shower for your home and your needs. Let’s check out the tips then!

Types of shower

Basically, there are six types of showers that you can choose from what you want, be it comfort, economy, or cost-benefit, just take a look:

Common electric shower

The common electric shower is the one found in most Brazilian homes. It is easy to find to sell, has quick installation and simple workmanship, and is one of the cheapest models. Most common electric showers work on 220V voltage, although there are also 110V models.

The common electric shower also offers the possibility to change temperatures in up to three positions: cold, warm, and hot. But for this, it is important to have the shower turned off so as not to burn the resistance.

Despite the great cost-benefit ratio, this type of shower can leave something to be desired in terms of design, as the models are simple and not very attractive. Another feature considered a disadvantage is the low water pressure. If your bathroom is near the water tank, showering can become uncomfortable as the jet will not be strong enough.

Electronic shower

The electronic shower is an improved version of the classic conventional electric shower. The main difference between them is in temperature control. In the electronic shower, it is possible to regulate the water temperature without the need to turn off the device and without fear of getting a shock. This makes bathing more pleasant and safe as temperature control is much more efficient.

The installation of the electronic shower takes place in the same way as the electric shower, so it remains simple and practical. The electronic showers can even be accompanied by lights for chromotherapy and even music. But prepare your pocket because these treats end up making the product more expensive.

Pressurized shower

The pressurized shower is the best type of shower for those with low water pressure at home. This usually happens when the water tank is close to the bathroom or on the same level. This type of shower has an integrated internal pump (the pressurizer) that increases the pressure making the water jet stronger.

The pressurized shower can be found in the electric and electronic versions, and in the latter case, you still have more comfort and safety. The biggest disadvantage, however, of this type of shower is the high water consumption.

What is the most economical shower?

The most economical shower is the hybrid. The model saves energy and water while offering comfort. Therefore, it ends up being the most sustainable shower option as well.

But to be financially advantageous you need to have a gas or solar heating system already installed. If you do not have and do not intend to make this type of investment in alternative energy, choose a model of an electric or electronic shower with Inmetro’s seal of approval that proves the low consumption of electricity. And remember, no shower is economical by itself. The difference at the end of the month is in the habits of the residents. So, if you want to save on bathing, reduce your time under the shower.


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