The Main Keys To Integrating Corridors And Passageways

We have decorated the living room to the millimeter. We have the bedroom so beautiful that we would never want to leave it. We have turned the bathroom into a new wellness space. But… What about the corridor or the passageways? As a general rule, these areas of the houses are the ugly duckling, remaining as the great forgotten when decorating them.

To solve the decoration of these areas of passage, we can give you some ideas on how you can decorate these areas of your house.

What to do with the corridors?

The corridors have their defenders (they affirm that it helps to separate the more social, private parts of a house), and detractors, who hide in the loss of space. The fact is that decorating them so that they are integrated into the whole of the home is usually a problem for many since in many homes they are narrow and dark.

From KNOWHAUS we propose to bet on solutions that visually shorten them, and illuminate them. Among the tricks to achieve these objectives, we must choose light colors, since they lighten the environment and provide a feeling of spaciousness.

Nor should the installation of mirrors be neglected, installing them in specific points that do not disturb, or covering doors so that when they are closed, even if they block the passage of light, due to the reflector effect of the mirror, space and space are visually multiplied. the hallway does not seem so narrow and long.

Another solution widely used by interior designers is to take advantage of the height of the wall to create a panoramic window that allows light to pass through between rooms. What should be avoided according to KNOWHAUS is wood paneling or dark panels, as they accentuate the feeling of narrowness and darkness.

Say goodbye to the gates

Another trick to give a greater feeling of spaciousness in the home, and visually shorten the corridors, is to eliminate unnecessary doors. In the old floors, the corridors are full of doors that close the passage to the different rooms of the house, but today, with the trend of creating open spaces upwards, the elimination of some of these doors is totally necessary, as those that link the corridor with the living room, the dining room, or even the hall. In this way, the luminosity of the corridor is also improved.

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