The Magic of Architecture

When it comes to designing a new home or bringing to life a new publically accessible piece of architectural history, there are a lot of moving pieces to consider. Like any other manmade structure, the buildings that pepper the world are some of the most impressive yet undeniably personal spaces that exist in all of human history. Architecture, of course, is the lifeblood that essentially makes each appointed structure so awe-inspiring. Without architecture itself, the structural integrity and the aesthetic whimsy of the buildings that adorn cities and quiet corners of the globe would be nothing at all like what they are now. In fact, many would argue that without architecture, buildings would be bland and unstable (to say the least) in every aspect.

Design principles and optimal quirks are what make new spaces so special and unique. Architecture is the underlying principle that essentially creates the visual structure of all buildings out there, and so there is an undeniable appeal in architecture that continuously draws people in and inspires them, both up close and from afar. There are so many reasons that architecture is such a magical innovation, and all those reasons are important in and of themselves. Even so, there are three underlying facts about architecture that prove that the magic is in the (structured) pudding when it comes to appreciating and understanding architecture and its role in modern society, the past, and the future.

Architecture inspires

There is something undeniably awe-inspiring about the magic of architecture. The sheer beauty of architecture is of course a source of imminent inspiration, but there is also wonder in understanding the structural integrity of architecture. The simple yet profound fact that we can cause entire, capable structures to rise from the ground and stand for hundreds, even thousands of years with little to no renovations to keep them as they were anew, is astounding. Of all the great accomplishments of mankind, our architectural evolution is perhaps one of the most inspiring of them all.

Architecture motivates

It goes without saying that architecture has this special way of motivating the greatness out of people – even (and sometimes especially) people who do not work in architecture at all. There is just something profound and exciting about gazing upon an architectural masterpiece and pondering at all the hours that went into bringing it to life, right from the very beginning. This is, of course, partially why people travel the world to look at architectural masterpieces up close, with their very own eyes.

Architecture revitalises

Additionally, there is something to be said about the replenishing power of great architectural wonders. A fantastic piece of architecture can revitalise an entire city, slowly but surely bringing it back to life under even some of the most challenging circumstances. More than anything else, there is a special power in architecture that revitalises everything around it. If that is not a case of real magic, then honestly what is? Architecture is all about bringing together key concepts and principles, even in times where that can feel more challenging than ever to accomplish.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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