The Lookout House by Rowland + Broughton Architecture in Aspen, Colorado

Project: The Lookout House
Rowland + Broughton Architecture
Aspen, Colorado, United States
8,700 sf
Photographs by: Brent Moss

The Lookout House by Rowland + Broughton Architecture

The Lookout House is a fantastic contemporary dwelling located in Aspen, Colorado. As its title suggests, the Lookout House is placed on an elevated position that enables it to take advantage of the stunning panoramic views of the Elk Mountain Range. It was designed by Rowland + Broughton Architecture, a studio whose work on the Game On Home was showcased on our site not too long ago.

A magnificently placed home in Aspen, Colorado, The Lookout was envisioned and configured to take advantage of panoramic views of the Elk Mountain Range and provide a pristine backdrop for the owner’s significant contemporary art collection.

A strong central axis orients the flow of key interior spaces toward vistas and separates open public spaces from private living areas.

A modern entry volume exposes the north side of the house to natural daylight and encourages ventilation, while creating a striking arrival with southern mountain views.

Rowland + Broughton Architecture


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